Rose Maddox


from 1933 oakland tribune-


Rose Maddox


Born Roselea Arbana “Rose” Maddox on August 15th, 1925 Boaz, Alabama

Died April 15th 1998, Ashland, Oregon

Vocals, Fiddle, Bass

Country, Folk, Western, West Coast County, Rockabilly, Gospel, Bluegrass, Country Boogie, Bakersfield Sound

40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s

Maddox Brothers and Rose 1937-1956

  • Cliff Maddox (born 1912 Boaz, Alabama – died 1949)- mandolin
  • Cal Maddox (born November 3, 1915, Boaz, Alabama – died 1968) – guitar and harmonica
  • Fred Maddox (born July 3, 1919 Boaz, Alabama – died October 29, 1992)
  • Don Maddox (born December 7, 1922 Boaz, Alabama) – fiddle and vocal
  • Rose Maddox (born August 15, 1925 Boaz, Alabama – died April 15, 1998)
  • Henry Maddox –  (born March 19, 1928 Boaz, Alabama – died 1974) mandolin and guitar
  • Ben Duncan – steel guitar
  • Jimmy Winkle, Roy Nichols, or Gene Breeden – guitar


1949 Ad for tour:

90 Second Ad




Maddox Brothers and Rose

  • America’s Most Colorful Hillbilly Band v.1 (Arhoolie Records, 1976/1993)
  • America’s Most Colorful Hillbilly Band v.2 (Arhoolie, 1995)
  • On The Air (Arhoolie, 1983/1996)
  • Live On The Radio (1996)
  • The Hillbilly Boogie Years (Rockateer, 1996)
  • A Collection of Standard Sacred Songs (King, 1956)
  • The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band in America (Bear Family, 1998)


  • Precious Memories (Columbia, 1958)
  • The One Rose (Capitol, 1960)
  • Glorybound Train (Capitol, 1961)
  • A Big Bouquet of Roses (Capitol, 1961)
  • Rose Maddox Sings Bluegrass (Capitol, 1962/1996)
  • Alone with You (Capitol, 1963)
  • Rosie (Starday, 1970)
  • Reckless Love & Bold Adventure (Takoma, 1977)
  • Rose of the West Coast Country (Arhoolie, 1980)
  • This is Rose Maddox (Arhoolie, 1982)
  • A Beautiful Bouquet (Arhoolie, 1983)
  • Queen of the West (Varrick, 1984)
  • California Rose (See for Miles, 1989)
  • $35 And A Dream (Arhoolie, 1994)
  • The One Rose: The Capitol Years (Bear Family, 1994)
  • The Moon is Rising (Country Town Music, 1996)
  • The Legendary Queen Of The West (Boothill, 2000)


Rocky 52:

Praugefrank’s Country Discography:


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50’s ? Footage from women of country 1993:

Down, Down Down w Emmylou Harris 1983:

Tramp on the street, Molly and Tenbrooks:

Blue Moon of Kentucky:

A chat with Jann and Rose:

Honky Tonkin’ 1987:

Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down 1992:

Fly Away Western Berlin Saloon 1993:







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Ramblin’ Rose: The Life and Career of Rose Maddox

Whiteside, J. (1997). Ramblin’ Rose: The life and career of Rose Maddox. Nashville, TN: Country Music Foundation Press.



Internet Archive:

Radio Ads From 1949:

Milk Cow Blues -1947:

Careless Driver – 1948:

Whoa Sailor – 1948

New Mule Skinner Blues – 1948:

Philadelphia Lawyer – 1948:

Bring it on Down to My House Honey – 1948?

Brown Eyes – 1948

Why Don’t You Haul Off and Love Me – 1949

Honky Tonkin” – 1949

You’ve Been Talking in Your Sleep – 1949

Goerge’s Playhouse Boogie – 1949

That’ll Learn Ya Durn Ya – 1949?

First Grand Ole Opry Appearance 2-19-1949

Gathering Flowers For the Master’s Bouquet, I Couldn’t Believe it was True

Dark as a Dungeon – 1950

Choc’late Ice Cream Cone – 1950:

It’s Only Human Nature – 1950 

I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again – 1951

South – 1951

I Want to Love and Love – 1951

Alimony – 1951

I’ll Fly Away – 1952

I’ll Make Sweet Love to You – 1952

Baby, You Should Live So Long – 1953

Wild Wild Young Men – 1955:

I’ve Got Four Big Brothers – 1955:

Words are Too Easy to Say – 1955:

I Gotta Go Get My Baby – 1955:

I’ll Go Steppin Too – 1957:

Old Man Blues – 1957:

Love is Strange – 1957:

Take A Gamble on Me – 1957:

Move it On Over – 1959

Ole Slew Foot – 1962:

The Bottom of a Glass – 1967:

The Key’s in the Mailbox – 1970:

California Rose – Laura Cantrell (About Rose Maddox)







Punk, Post-Punk, College Rock, Alternative, Indie – Columbus,  Ohio – 80’s, 90’s

Marcy Mays – Guitar, Vocals




Sue Harshe – Bass, Vocals

Also Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals for  Fort Shame 2008-


Carolyn O’Leary – Drums 1985-1992


Dana Marshall – Drums 1992-1998



The Scrawl Discography


Plus Also Too LP

Rough Trade

hard to find


He’s Drunk CD/LP

Rough Trade

hard to find


Smallmouth CD/LP

Rough Trade

hard to find


Lever comp. 7″

Simple Machines

on SMR 19 CD


Bloodsucker CD/LP

Simple Machines



Fortune Cookie Prize CD/LP

Simple Machines/Cargo



Misery/Just Plain Bad 7″

Singles Only Label



January Working Holiday 7″

Simple Machines

on SMR 26 CD


Your Mother Wants to Know 7″

Simple Machines



Velvet Hammer CD/LP

Simple Machines



Good Under Pressure 7″

Simple Machines



Travel On, Rider CD




Nature Film





Your Mother Wants to Know Video 1991:

My Curse – Marcy Mays w Afghan Wigs – Reading, UK – 1994

100 Car Pile Up 2007?

Charles, Breaker Breaker- Little Brothers, Columbus, OH 2007

Green Beer, Breaker Breaker, Garden Path, You Made it A Crime 2009 Summit, Columbus, OH

Green Beer -Surly Girl Saloon 2010:

I’m Not Stuck, Great American Pastime, Slut East Sussex UK 2011:

Guess I’ll Wait – Marcy Mays 2011:

Garden Path 2012:

My Curse – Marcy Mays with Afghan Wigs 20112:

Shoulda Been Done – Night Family – 2012:



Trouser Press:

Trouser Press:\



Simple Machines Page:


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Wexner Center for the Arts Event w Sue Harshe live soundtrack

Marotta Hour Sue Harshe performance:

Sue Harshe on Myspace:

Surly Girl Saloon: Article:

Columbus Monthly Article:

Sputnik Velvet Hammer review:


Chicago Reader Article:

Fort Shame Website:

Fort Shame on Facebook:


Ok, almost entire discography on their myspace page:

Too Many Favs but those not anywhere else-

Loser, 1=1, Major Minor, I Feel Your Pain, Believe,

Misery, Just Plain Bad single,

Absolute Torture, I Need You, Cow, Huntin Me Down,

Tell Me Now, Easy on Her Mind, What Did We Give Away?, Don’t We Always Get There

I Can’t Relax 1987:

Sad 1987:

Gutterball 1987:

One Word 1987:

Which One Are You ? 1988:

I’m Ready 1988:

Small Day 1988:

For Your Sister 1988:

The Clock Song 1991:

Rot 1990:

Tell You What 1990:

Time to Come Clean 1990:

Please Have Everything 1991:

Prize 1993:

Face Down 1993:

Take A Swing 1993:

Disappear without a Trace 1993:

Drunken Fool 1993:

Blue Green Sea 1993:

From Deep Inside Her 1996:

Good Under Pressure 1996:

Louis L’amour 1996:

He Cleaned Up 1996:

Come Back Then 1996:

Story Musgrave/Reprise 1998:

Public Image 1998:

100 Car Pile Up 1998:

Everyone I Saw Tonight 1998:

11:59 1998:




Georgia White


Georgia White

Born: March 9, 1903 Sandersville, GA

Died c.1980? (probably) Chicago

30’s, 40’s Blues

Also recorded as Georgia Lawson and had an all-girl band in the 40’s that unfortunately never recorded.


Honking Duck:



When Your Smiling 1930:

Was I Drunk? 1936:

Trouble in Mind 1936: Best version ever?

Hot Nuts (Get ’em From the Peanut Man) 1936:

If You Can’t Take Five Take Two 1936:

I just Want to Be Your Stingaree 1936:

Black Rider 1936:

If I Can’t Sell it (I’ll Keep Sittin’ On It 1936:

Tell Me Baby (Careless (loveless) Love) 1936

Dan the Backdoor Man 1936:

Walking the Strret 1937:

Alley Boogie 1937:

The Stuff is Here 1937:

The Blues Ain’t Nothing But…. 1938:

Crazy Blues 1938:

Take Me For A Buggy Ride 1939:

Beggin’ My Daddy 1939:

Take Me For A Buggy Ride 1939:

Jazzin’ Babies Blues 1940: w Lil Armstrong on Piano

Late Hour Blues 1940: w Lil Armstrong on Piano


It’s A Girl Thang:






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Uncensored History of the Blues:

Quotations Book:


Feminist Whore:


Mia Zapata (The Gits)


Mia Zapata

Born: August 25, 1965 Louisville, Ky

Died: July 7/8, 1993 Seattle, WA

The Gits formed in Ohio in 1986 and relocated to Seattle in 1990

Mia Zapata – Lead Vocal

Joe Spleen aka Andy Kessler – Guitar

Matt Dresdner – Bass

Steve Moriarty – Drums


Albums[edit source]

Reissued on Broken Rekids, 2003
Reissued on Broken Rekids, 2003

Singles/Eps[edit source]

  • Precious Blood b/w “Seaweed” and “Kings & Queens” (Big Flaming Ego Records), (1990).
  • Second Skin b/w “Social Love” (Broken Rekids), (1991).
  • Spear And Magic Helmet b/w “While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing” (Empty Records), (1991).

Compilation/soundtrack contributions[edit source]

  • “Here’s to Your Fuck” and “Ain’t Got No Right” on Bobbing For Pavement: The Rathouse Compilation (Rathouse/Broken Rekids), (1991).
  • “Drinking Song” on Power Flush: San Francisco, Seattle & You (Broken Rekids), (1993).
  • “Guilt Within Your Head” and “Social Love (Live)” on Home Alive: The Art Of Self-Defense (Epic Records), (1996).
  • “Second Skin (Live)” on Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack, (Sub Pop Records), (1996).
  • “Another Shot of Whiskey” on Wild and Wooly: The Northwest Rock Collection (Experience Music Project/Sub Pop Records), (2000).
  • “Whirlwind” on Girls Kick Ass (Vitaminepillen), (2001).
  • “Absynthe” on Whatever: The 90’s Pop & Culture Box (Rhino/WEA), (2005).
  • “Another Shot of Whiskey” on Sleepless In Seattle: The Birth of Grunge (LiveWire Recordings, 2006).


The Gits Video Page:

The Gits Movie Page:



It Doesn’t Matter, Cut My Skin Makes Me Human 1989:

Precious Blood 1990 OK Hotel, Seattle:

Slaughter of Bruce 1991 OK Hotel:

Another Shot of Whiskey, Absynthe, Insecurities, While You’re Twisting, Im Still Breathing 1992 Bongo Corral Show:

7 Year Bitch on Mia & Here’s to Your Fuck 1993, Second Skin from HYPE!,

RCNDY, Seattle

Absynthe @ The Covered Wagon, Sa Francisco 1993

Twisting, Breathing, Social Love, Insecurities, Seaweed @ The Weathered Wall 1993:

Live @ the Jabberjaw in LA 6/23/93 (Entire Last Show?)

Setlist of the night: Slaughter of Bruce / Insecurities / While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing / Seaweed / Beauty of the Rose / Absynthe / Whirlwind / Guilt Within Your Head / New Fast One / Sign of the Crab / Daily Bread / Bob (Cousin O.) / Second Skin

Evil Stig (The Gits w Joan Jett), The Drinking Song, Spear and Magic Helmet:

La Luna Portland,1995:



Wikipedia on Mia:

Wikipedia on The Gits:


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Faded Flanel:


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Steve Moriarty Interview on Music Life Radio 2012:

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The Gits Spanish Website:




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Seattle Weekly on Gits Movie:

Pop Matters:


After Ellen:


Everything Explained:

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Rootsweb Obituary:

Stalking Seattle:



Second Skin 1992:

Graveyard Blues  (Actually a cover of Bessie Smith’s Blue Spirit Blues) Live 1988

A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke Cover….duh) 1993:

Eleven 1988:

It All Dies Anyway 1992:

Seaweed (subtitulado) 1992:

Look Right Through Me 1988:

Ain’t Got No Right 1992:

Precious Blood 1993:

X-Ray Cafe Live, Portland June 1993

“While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing” – 2:38
“Insecurities” – 1:48
“Slaughter Of Bruce” – 3:14
“Absynthe” – 3:04
“Another Shot Of Whiskey” – 2:40
“Wingo Lamo” – 2:19
“Here’s To Your Fuck” – 1:50
“Second Skin” – 3:13:

Wingo Lamo 1992:

It Doesn’t Matter 1988:


7 Year Bitch – M.I.A. 1993:

School of Rock Covers Second Skin 2010:

Home Alive Promo Video:


Girouard, M. O. N., & Sarah Lawrence College. (2009). Heavy Angel: Mia Zapata: Exploring the living memory of a Seattle legend.

Mia zapata. (2013). S.l.: Book On Demand Ltd.

Social Love I Lyrics:

Well I don’t need your social love, no
I feel misread enough
And what repels me
Is the fact that you’re smiling
Walking on by, walking on by
Yeah when it hits me
See it still gets kinda heavy
Yeah when it’s laying there over
It’s wide open and read

I don’t need your social crap
You head iron sleep boys
I can see, what repels me
Is your pretentious stare
You never look me in the eye
Or feel the truth
Yeah when it hits me
I see you still gets kinda heavy
Yeah when it’s laying there over
It’s wide open and read

I don’t need your social love
I already feel misread enough
And what repels me
Is the fact that you smile
When you’re walking all back
There’s a connection to be made
It’s something you always crave
And now that it’s over
Hell, I’d set that fire that you know you like
And now when it hits me
See it still gets kinda heavy
Yeah when it’s laying there over
It’s wide open and read
How dare you?

Alberta Hunter

images-15ImageImageImageimages-7images-9Image images-12Imageimages-14images-10 images-6Image

 Alberta Hunter

Born: April 1, 1895 Memphis, TN

Died: October 17, 1984 New York, NY

Recorded as Josephine Beatty, May Alix and Alberta Prime


Red Hot Jazz:


From Radio Parade 1935: Dark Shadows

1981 Concert Film:

Hunter, A., Conover, W., Santee, C., Santee, D. G., Cook, G., Lewis, J., Adler Enterprises, Ltd., … Kultur International Films. (1982). Alberta Hunter. W. Long Branch, NJ: Kultur.

My Castles Rockin’ 1992 Made for TV movie: excerpt_ Two Fisted (Double Jointed Rough and Ready Man)

Jazz Masters Series: Live Nov. 29 1981

My Castle’s Rockin’, Downhearted Blues, My Handy Man, When Your Smiling

Nobody Knows When Your Down and Out, Without Rhythm, Without a Song, Interview, Darktown Strutter’s Ball

Rough and Ready Man, Time Waits for No One, Blackman, You Can’t Tell the Difference After Dark

Remember My Name

Hunter, A., Goldman, S. A., Taylor, B., & View Video. (1992). Alberta Hunter: My castle’s rockin’. New York, NY: V.I.E.W.

Live with Eubie Blake 1982?:

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel – Brazil- 1982?

Live in Berlin 1982:

Downhearted Blues, I Got Rhythm

Old Time Religion, Sunny Side of the Street

Georgia On My Mind, Wein, Wein Nur Du Allien

Jelly Roll Blues, My Castles Rockin

The Love I have For You, My Man is Such a Handy Man

Sometimes I Love You, Got A mind to Ramble

Live @ the Cookery 1982?, My Handy Man:

LIve in France 1983: When your Smiling

Down Hearted Blues:

Darktown Strutters Ball:


Taylor, F. C., & Cook, G. (1987). Alberta Hunter: A celebration in blues. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Musician Guide:




Women in Jazz:


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The Famous People:

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Brainy Quotes:



He’s A Darned Good Man to Have Around 1921:

Downhearted Blues 1921, w Lovie Austin on piano

Don’t Pan Me (Don’t Talk About Me) 1921:

Chirping the Blues 1923 (maybe 1939 version):

You Can Have My Man if He Comes to See You 1923:

Bring it with You When You Come 1923:

Down South Blues 1923:

Everybody Loves My Baby 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Nobody Knows the Way I Feel this Morning 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Early Every Morn 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Cake Walking Babies (From Home) 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong

Your Jelly Roll is Good 1925:

Take That Thing Away 1925:

A Master Man with A Master Mind 1926:

I Don’t Want it All 1926:

Double Crossin’ Papa 1926:

Sugar 1927, w Fats Waller:

Beale Street Blues 1927, w Fats Waller:

I’m Goin’ to see my Ma1927, w Fats Waller:

Gimme All the Love You Got 1929:

My Particular Man 1929:

You Can’t Tell the Difference After Dark 1935:

Second Hand Man 1935:

Send Me A Man 1935:

Downhearted Blues 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Ill See You Go 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Fine an Mellow 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Yelpin’ the Blues 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

My Castle’s Rockin’ 1940:

I Won’t Let You Down 1940:

Boogie-Woogie Blues 1940:

He’s Got a Punch Like Joe Louis 1946:

I Got A Mind to Ramble 1950, 1961 0r 1980?:

Now I’m Satisfied 1961, w Lovie Austin:

St. Louis Blues 1961, w Lovie Austin:

Old Fashioned Love 1979:

Amtrak Blues (The Man I Love) 1980:

I’m Havin’ a Good Time 1979: