Alberta Hunter

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 Alberta Hunter

Born: April 1, 1895 Memphis, TN

Died: October 17, 1984 New York, NY

Recorded as Josephine Beatty, May Alix and Alberta Prime


Red Hot Jazz:


From Radio Parade 1935: Dark Shadows

1981 Concert Film:

Hunter, A., Conover, W., Santee, C., Santee, D. G., Cook, G., Lewis, J., Adler Enterprises, Ltd., … Kultur International Films. (1982). Alberta Hunter. W. Long Branch, NJ: Kultur.

My Castles Rockin’ 1992 Made for TV movie: excerpt_ Two Fisted (Double Jointed Rough and Ready Man)

Jazz Masters Series: Live Nov. 29 1981

My Castle’s Rockin’, Downhearted Blues, My Handy Man, When Your Smiling

Nobody Knows When Your Down and Out, Without Rhythm, Without a Song, Interview, Darktown Strutter’s Ball

Rough and Ready Man, Time Waits for No One, Blackman, You Can’t Tell the Difference After Dark

Remember My Name

Hunter, A., Goldman, S. A., Taylor, B., & View Video. (1992). Alberta Hunter: My castle’s rockin’. New York, NY: V.I.E.W.

Live with Eubie Blake 1982?:

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel – Brazil- 1982?

Live in Berlin 1982:

Downhearted Blues, I Got Rhythm

Old Time Religion, Sunny Side of the Street

Georgia On My Mind, Wein, Wein Nur Du Allien

Jelly Roll Blues, My Castles Rockin

The Love I have For You, My Man is Such a Handy Man

Sometimes I Love You, Got A mind to Ramble

Live @ the Cookery 1982?, My Handy Man:

LIve in France 1983: When your Smiling

Down Hearted Blues:

Darktown Strutters Ball:


Taylor, F. C., & Cook, G. (1987). Alberta Hunter: A celebration in blues. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Women in Jazz:


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Everything 2:

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He’s A Darned Good Man to Have Around 1921:

Downhearted Blues 1921, w Lovie Austin on piano

Don’t Pan Me (Don’t Talk About Me) 1921:

Chirping the Blues 1923 (maybe 1939 version):

You Can Have My Man if He Comes to See You 1923:

Bring it with You When You Come 1923:

Down South Blues 1923:

Everybody Loves My Baby 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Nobody Knows the Way I Feel this Morning 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Early Every Morn 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Cake Walking Babies (From Home) 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong

Your Jelly Roll is Good 1925:

Take That Thing Away 1925:

A Master Man with A Master Mind 1926:

I Don’t Want it All 1926:

Double Crossin’ Papa 1926:

Sugar 1927, w Fats Waller:

Beale Street Blues 1927, w Fats Waller:

I’m Goin’ to see my Ma1927, w Fats Waller:

Gimme All the Love You Got 1929:

My Particular Man 1929:

You Can’t Tell the Difference After Dark 1935:

Second Hand Man 1935:

Send Me A Man 1935:

Downhearted Blues 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Ill See You Go 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Fine an Mellow 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Yelpin’ the Blues 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

My Castle’s Rockin’ 1940:

I Won’t Let You Down 1940:

Boogie-Woogie Blues 1940:

He’s Got a Punch Like Joe Louis 1946:

I Got A Mind to Ramble 1950, 1961 0r 1980?:

Now I’m Satisfied 1961, w Lovie Austin:

St. Louis Blues 1961, w Lovie Austin:

Old Fashioned Love 1979:

Amtrak Blues (The Man I Love) 1980:

I’m Havin’ a Good Time 1979:

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