Barbara Dane

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Barbara Dane

Born May 12, 1927 in Arkansas

Blues, Folk, Blues Vocals

50’s, 60’s, 70’s


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Old Fashioned Love 1958:

Old Fashioned Rhythm ? – Timex All Stars with Louis Armstrong 1959:

I’m On My Way, Daddy Gone Daddy – On Hitchcock Hour 1962:

Careless Love 1963:

Thinkin’ ‘Bout Ma Rainey 2007?:

Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues 2008:

This Little Light of Mine, Trouble in Mind, Tomorrow’s Another Day, We Shall Not Be Moved, Lady Come Lately, Im On My Way- Barbara’s 85th Bday 2012:

I’m Sellin’ My Porkchops, Thank You, Unemployement Compensation Blues, Summertime 2014:




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Trouble in Mind 1957:

Greensleeves 1957:

When I Was a Young Girl 1957:

Way From My Window 1960:

Turkey Reveille 1961:

Gypsy Davy 1961:

Ramblin 1961:

Girl of Constant Sorrow 1959:

Little Maggie 1959:

Why Don’t You Do Right 1959:

Livin’ the Blues -full record-1959:

I’m On My Way 1960:

The Danville Girl 1961:

Nine Hundred Miles 1961:

Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot 1961:

Goodbye Daddy Goodbye 1962:

I’m on My Way 1963:

Dink’s Song 1964:

You Don’t Know Me 1964:

I Am a Weary and Lonesome Traveler 1966:

You Got to Reap What You Sow 1966:

Go Tell it to the Mountain 1966:

Freedom is a Constant Struggle 1966:

Don’t Push Me 1966:

You Just Can’t Make it By Yourself 1966:

Isn’t it Nice 1966:

Hold On 1966:

How Long, How Long Blues 1967:

Bring ’em Home 1970:

Working Class Woman 1973:

I Hate the Capitalist System 1973:

Deportees 1973:

The Kent State Massacre 1973:

I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister 1973:

Song of My Hands 1973:

 Truck Drivin’ Woman 1982:


Judy Roderick

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Judy Roderick

Born: December 14?,1942 Wyandotte, Michigan

Died: January 22,1992 Grantsdale, MT

Folk, Blues, Folk Revival


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He Was a Friend of Mine 1964:

Brother Can You Spare a Dime 1964:

Blues on My Ceiling 1964:

Come Back Baby 1964:

Mama Goes Where Papa Goes 1964:

Baltimore Oriole 1964:

Wild Women Don’t Sing the Blues 1964:

Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying 1964:

Blues on My Ceiling 1964:

I’m Gonna Live the Life I Sing About in My Song 1964:

Things About Goin’ My Way 1964:

Moanin’ Low 1964:

You Were on My Mind 1965:

Born in the Country 1965:

Walkin’ Slow Behind You, Louisville Lou, Rock Me Baby,

Louisville Lou 1965:

Someone to Talk My Troubles To 1965:

Rock Me Baby 1965:

Country Girl Blues 1965, Floods of South Dakota 1971:

Maid of Constant Sorrow 1971:

Country Girl Again 1971:

Shake it and Break It 1971: