Memphis Minnie


Memphis Minnie

Memphis Minnie Born Lizzie Douglas aka Kid Douglas, Minnie Wallace, Texas Tessie, Minnie McCoy, Lizzy Lawlers June 3rd, 1897 Algiers Louisiana

Died August 6th, 1973 Memphis,TN

20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s Blues, Country Blues, Classic Blues, Electric Blues, Chicago Blues, Rock


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Music at Year’s End – Langston Hughes – Chicago Defender – Jan 9th, 1943

Garon, P., & Garon, B. (1992). Woman with guitar: Memphis Minnie’s blues. New York: Da Capo Press.

Excerpt From Woman with Guitar:

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Excerpt from Notable Black Women II p185-189

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Memphis Minnie, Genocide and Identity Politics 2003:;c=mqrarchive;cc=mqr;sid=e05280ee21429c514e8a7b2be607a265;q1=Cervantes;rgn=main;view=text;idno=act2080.0042.406;xc=1;g=mqrg

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Lyrics to 60 Memphis Minne Songs:

When the Levee Breaks 1929 –

Frisco Town 1929 –

Pickin the Blues 1929 –

Going Back to Texas 1929 –

That Will Be Alright 1929 –

Bumble Bee Blues – with Memphis Jug Band 1930 –

What’s the Matter with the Mill 1930 –

I Never Told a Lie 1930 –

What Fault do you Find in Me 1930 –

I’m Wild About My Stuff 1930 –

Frankie Jean 1930 –

Grandma and Grandpa Blues 1930 –

Georgia Skin Blues 1930 –

I’m Talkin’ Bout You 1930 –

North Memphis Blues 1930 –

I’m Goin Back Home 1930 –

Plymouth Rock Blues 1930 –

She Put Me Outdoors 1930 –

Don’t Want No Woman 1931 –

Today Today Blues 1931 –

Crazy Cryin Blues 1931 –

North Memphis Blues 1931 –

Shake Mattie 1931 –

Tricks Ain’t Walkin No More 1931 –

Beat it Right 1931 –

Don’t Want that Junk Outta You 1931 –

Wheres my Good Man At 1932 –

Joliet Bound 1932 –

Too Late 1932 –

You Got To Move 1934 –

Drunken Barrelhouse Blues 1934 –

Moanin the Blues 1934 –

Squat it 1934 –

Chickasaw Train Blues 1934 –

Hustlin’ Woman Blues 1935 –

Good Mornin 1935 –

Doctor Doctor Blues 1935 –

Reachin’ Pete 1935 –

Weary Womans Blues 1935 –

Hoodoo Lady 1936 –

I’m a Bad Luck Woman 1936 –

If you See My Rooster 1936 –

It’s Hard to Be Mistreatred 1936 –

Caught Me Wrong Again 1936 –

Man, You Wont Give Me No Money 1936 –

New Orleans Stop Time 1936 –

Moonshine 1936 –

Down in the Alley 1937 –

Please Don’t Stop Him 1937 –

I’d Rather See Him Dead 1938 –

Good Biscuits 1938 –

Has Anyone Seen My Man 1938 –

I’ve Been Treated Wrong 1938 –

Call the Fire Wagon 1939 –

Bad Outside Friends 1939 –

Black Widow Stinger 1939 –

Poor and Wandering Woman Blues 1939 –

Ma Rainey 1940 –

Fingerprint Blues 1940 –

In My Girlish Days 1941 –

Black Rat Swing 1941 –

Me and My Chauffeur 1941 –

Don’ Turn the Card 1941 –

Pig Meat on the Line 1941 –

I’m Not a Bad Girl 1941 –

My Gauge is Going Up 1941 –

Looking the World Over 1941 –

Fashion Plate Daddy 1944 –

Love Come and Go 1944 –

Killer Diller 1946 –

Shout the Boogie 1947 –

KId Man Blues 1949 –

Night Watch Man 1949 –

Kissing in the Dark 1953 –

World of Trouble 1953 –

Alberta Hunter

images-15ImageImageImageimages-7images-9Image images-12Imageimages-14images-10 images-6Image

 Alberta Hunter

Born: April 1, 1895 Memphis, TN

Died: October 17, 1984 New York, NY

Recorded as Josephine Beatty, May Alix and Alberta Prime


Red Hot Jazz:


From Radio Parade 1935: Dark Shadows

1981 Concert Film:

Hunter, A., Conover, W., Santee, C., Santee, D. G., Cook, G., Lewis, J., Adler Enterprises, Ltd., … Kultur International Films. (1982). Alberta Hunter. W. Long Branch, NJ: Kultur.

My Castles Rockin’ 1992 Made for TV movie: excerpt_ Two Fisted (Double Jointed Rough and Ready Man)

Jazz Masters Series: Live Nov. 29 1981

My Castle’s Rockin’, Downhearted Blues, My Handy Man, When Your Smiling

Nobody Knows When Your Down and Out, Without Rhythm, Without a Song, Interview, Darktown Strutter’s Ball

Rough and Ready Man, Time Waits for No One, Blackman, You Can’t Tell the Difference After Dark

Remember My Name

Hunter, A., Goldman, S. A., Taylor, B., & View Video. (1992). Alberta Hunter: My castle’s rockin’. New York, NY: V.I.E.W.

Live with Eubie Blake 1982?:

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel – Brazil- 1982?

Live in Berlin 1982:

Downhearted Blues, I Got Rhythm

Old Time Religion, Sunny Side of the Street

Georgia On My Mind, Wein, Wein Nur Du Allien

Jelly Roll Blues, My Castles Rockin

The Love I have For You, My Man is Such a Handy Man

Sometimes I Love You, Got A mind to Ramble

Live @ the Cookery 1982?, My Handy Man:

LIve in France 1983: When your Smiling

Down Hearted Blues:

Darktown Strutters Ball:


Taylor, F. C., & Cook, G. (1987). Alberta Hunter: A celebration in blues. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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He’s A Darned Good Man to Have Around 1921:

Downhearted Blues 1921, w Lovie Austin on piano

Don’t Pan Me (Don’t Talk About Me) 1921:

Chirping the Blues 1923 (maybe 1939 version):

You Can Have My Man if He Comes to See You 1923:

Bring it with You When You Come 1923:

Down South Blues 1923:

Everybody Loves My Baby 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Nobody Knows the Way I Feel this Morning 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Early Every Morn 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong:

Cake Walking Babies (From Home) 1924, w Louis and Lil Armstrong

Your Jelly Roll is Good 1925:

Take That Thing Away 1925:

A Master Man with A Master Mind 1926:

I Don’t Want it All 1926:

Double Crossin’ Papa 1926:

Sugar 1927, w Fats Waller:

Beale Street Blues 1927, w Fats Waller:

I’m Goin’ to see my Ma1927, w Fats Waller:

Gimme All the Love You Got 1929:

My Particular Man 1929:

You Can’t Tell the Difference After Dark 1935:

Second Hand Man 1935:

Send Me A Man 1935:

Downhearted Blues 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Ill See You Go 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Fine an Mellow 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

Yelpin’ the Blues 1939, w Lil Armstrong on piano:

My Castle’s Rockin’ 1940:

I Won’t Let You Down 1940:

Boogie-Woogie Blues 1940:

He’s Got a Punch Like Joe Louis 1946:

I Got A Mind to Ramble 1950, 1961 0r 1980?:

Now I’m Satisfied 1961, w Lovie Austin:

St. Louis Blues 1961, w Lovie Austin:

Old Fashioned Love 1979:

Amtrak Blues (The Man I Love) 1980:

I’m Havin’ a Good Time 1979:

Mary Lou Williams


Jazz Piano, Free Jazz, Hard Bop, Swing, Big Band, Third Stream, Gospel, Classical

20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. 60’s, 70’s

Born Mary Elfrieda Scruggs  May 8, 1910 Atlanta, GA 

Pittsburgh, PA 1915?-1927?

First Public performance age 6. Known as the little piano girl of East Liberty (Pittsburgh neighborhood). Played with Duke Ellington’s band the Washingtonians at 15. Married saxophonist John Williams in 1927 and moved to Memphis to join his band the Syncopators.

Memphis, TN, Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa, OK 1928-1929?

John Joined Andy Kirk’s Twelve Clouds of Joy. The band eventually accepted a longstanding engagement in Kansas City.

Kansas City, KS 1929?- 1941

Though not originally a member of the band she often stood in for their unreliable (read drunk) pianist and also served as arranger and composer of songs Walking and Singing, Twinklin’ and Little Joe From Chicago. . Mary Lou joined the band for a recording session in Chicago and improvised two piano solos Drag “em and Nightlife . Soon after she was hired as the Twelve Clouds of Joy’s permanent piano player. She also worked as a freelance arranger for the likes of Earl Hines, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman. Duke described Mary Lou as Soul on Soul. In 1941 Mary Lou Divorced John, quit the band and returned briefly to Pittsburgh, joined Harold “Shorty” Baker’s Band, married Baker. He then joined Duke Ellington’s band and they moved to New York.

New York NY 1942-1952

Mary Lou accepted a regular gig at Cafe Society and started a weekly radio show on WNEW called Mary Lou Williams Piano Workshop. She also began mentoring younger musicians such as Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. Mary Lou’s Harlem apartment became an after after hours hangout for these young musicians and could be called the birthplace of bop. She composed Dizzy’s it In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee. Mary Lou later recalled during a melody maker interview “During this period Monk and the kids would come to my apartment every morning around four or pick me up at the Caf√© after I’d finished my last show, and we’d play and swap ideas until noon or later”. Some of these Cafe society dates were with Billie Holiday, just the two of them on stage, sadly none of these dates were recorded and if i live to see time travel Cafe Society 1944 would be my first destination. In 1945 Mary Lou recorded the Zodiac Suite, writing a song for musicians born under each sign .

Paris 1952-1954

Accepted an offer to perform in London and stayed in Europe for two years.

New York, NY 1954-1976

After returning Mary Lou took a hiatus from performing and concentrated on her work for the Bel Canto Foundation an effort she started to help musicians cope with their addictions and¬† return to performing. Encouraged by Dizzy and her future manager Father Peter O’Brien she finally returned to performing herself at the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival. Later Mary Lou would form her own record label, Mary’s Records,¬† helped found the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival, recorded The History of Jazz, Music for Peace and Mary Lou’s Mass and opened thrift stores in Harlem.

Durham, NC 1977- May 28, 1981

In 1977 Mary Lou accepted a post at Duke University to teach a course on the history of jazz and direct the Duke Jazz ensemble. Mary Lou died of bladder cancer on May 28. 1981. In 1983 Duke University established the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture.

Mary Lou’s Drawing on the history of Jazz Image


1980 Montreal? –

Little Joe From Chicago – same show? –

1978 – my blue heaven –

On Mister Rodgers –

A Great day in Harlem- 1958 –


Dat Dere –

Mary’s Boogie –

Tisherome –

Froggy Bottom -

Hesitation Boogie –


gjon mili jam session –¬†

D.D.T –

solo piano 1944-

roll em’ –

1976 interview –

syl-o-gism –

Nicole –

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– though the piano player in Boy what a Girl is actually Beryl Booker

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1978 San Francisco –

In Print

Dahl, Linda
Morning Glory: A Biography of Mary Lou Williams

Kernodle, Tammy L.
Soul on Soul: the Life and Music of Mary Lou Williams

A historical novel based on the early life of jazz legend Mary Lou Williams.

Set in 1920s Pittsburgh, 13-year-old Mary was marked from birth by the “sign of the caul,” a powerful signifier in African-American culture. The caul indicates rare powers, especially a tendency toward “second sight.” Mary’s special gift of seeing manifests itself in visions of ghosts and spirits and culminates in an uncanny musical ability.