Young Marble Giants

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Young Marble Giants

Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, Electronic, Minimalist,

70’s, 80’s,

Cardiff, Wales

Former, Future?, website:

Alison Statton – Vocals later in Weekend, Divine and Statton and Alison Statton and Spike


Phillip Moxham – Bass later in Weekend, the Communards and Everything But the Girl


Stuart Moxham –  Guitar later in the Gist


Peter Joyce – Keyboards





  • Final Day (June 1980)
    • Reached No. 6 on the UK Indie Chart
  • Testcard E.P. EP (March 1981)
    • Reached No. 2 on the UK Indie Chart


  • Peel Sessions (1991)
  • Live at the Hurrah! (2004)


  • Salad Days (2000)
    • Compilation of demo versions from Colossal Youth and Testcard



Wurlitzer Jukebox 1980 BBC4:

Brand New Life 1980:

Colossal Youth, Credit in the Straight World Live @ Harrah’s 1980:

Alright 2013:

Final Day, Music for Evenings 2007:

Salad Days, Credit in The Straight World, Include Me Out, Choci Loni, The Man Amplifier 2008 Barcelona:

Eating Noddemix 2007:

Credit in the Straight World 2010:

Cake Walking 2010:

Final Day, Searching for Mr Right 2010:

Searching For Mr. Right 2012:

Final Day 2012:

Salad Days 2013:

Eating Noddemix, Final Day 2013 Cologne:

2013 Interview:


Music Tonic:

You Repeat:


You Zeek:

OV Guide:

Network Awesome:

Shelf 3D: MARBLE GIANTS choci loni 1980


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1980 Peel Session:

Colossal Youth Full Album:

Full Show Berkeley 1980:

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Whole Test Card EP:

La Veriete Whole Album

Kate Bush


Kate Bush

Born: Catherine Bush July 30, 1958, Welling, Kent, England

New Wave, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Baroque Pop, Experimental Rock, Vocals, Piano, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Violin



Main article: Kate Bush discography





List of TV Appearances:

The Line The Cross and the Curve:

Music Tonic:



Network Awesome – 1978 christmas special, 1980 german doc.:


Meta Cafe:

Pop Video- Vimeo:

Them Heavy People, Interview, Moving on Saturday Night at the Mill 1978:

Wuthering Heights Videos 1978:

1978 Interview:

Live Efteling 1978:

Full Show Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1979:

The Man With the Child in His Eyes Video 1978:

Kite and Wuthering Hieghts Live on German TV 1978:

Them Heavy People Video 1978:

Wuthering Heights on Top of the Pops 1978:

Them Heavy People on Revolver 1978:

In The Warm Room Live in Germany 1979:

Wow Video 1978:

Wow on French TV 1978:

Hammer Horror Video 1978:

Kashka From Bagdad on Ask Aspel 1978:

Interview on Irish TV 1978:

Lionheart 1978:

Lionheart Release Party 1978:

The Man With the Child in His Eyes on SNL 1978:

Hammer Horror, Interview on Countdown Australian TV 1978:

Moving Live in Japan 1978:

Them Heavy People on Japanese TV, kinda, and She’s Leaving Home, The Long and Winding Road 1978:

1979 BBC Special, Violin:

Wow on the Kenny Everett Show 1979:

1979 Documentary about tour:

Moving, Saxophone Song, James and the Cold Gun, Feel It, Kite Live in Sweden 1979:

Musical Chairs Interview 1979:

On Swap Shop 1979:

1980 Documentary:

Babooshka Video 1980:

Babooshka on RockPop 1980:

Countdown Interview 1980:

Babooshka on Dr. Hook Special 1980:

Breathing Video 1980:

News Interview about Breathing 1980:

Army Dreamers Video 1980:

Army Dreamers on Rock Pop 1980:

Profiles in Rock Canadian TV 1980:

December Will Be Magic Again 1980:

Delia Smith Cookery Show 1980:

Sat In Your Lap Video 1982:

Sat in Your Lap on Top of the Pops 1982:

There Goes a Tenner 1982:

Razzamatazz Interview 1981:

BBC Interview 1981:

Suspended in Gaffa Video 1982:

Suspended in Gaffa on French TV 1982:

Get Out of My House Video:

1982 Interview:

The Dreaming Video 1982:

The Dreaming on Na Sowas German TV 1982:

1982 BBC Interview:

Old Grey Whistle Stop Interview 1982:

The Wedding List 1982:

Breathing @ Comic Relief 1986:

Cloudbursting Video 1985:

MTV Interview 1985:

Running Up That Hill Video1985:

Running Up That Hill on TV Show 1985:

Running Up THat Hill on French TV 1985:

Running up That Hill on Italian TV 1985:

Running Up That Hill Top of the Pops 1985:

120 Minutes 1985:

On Night Flight 1985:

Waking the Witch Video 1985:

Hounds of Love Video 1985:

Hounds of Love on Top of the Pops 1985:

The Big Sky Video 1985:

The Big Sky on Peter’s Pop Show 1985:

Don’t Give Up w Peter Gabriel 1986:

Eat the Music 1986:

1986 Comic Relief w Rowan Atkinson:

This Woman’s Work Video 1987:

This Woman’s Work Command Performance 1990:

Running Up That Hill Live w David Gilmour 1987:

Under the Ivy on the Tube 1988:

THe Sensual World Video 1989:

Dutch TV 1989?

Love and Anger Video 1990:

1990 French TV Interview:

Rocket Man Video 1991:

The Line, The Cross and The Curve 1993:

This Woman’s Work Special 1993:

The Red Shoes Video 1993:

Rubberband Girl 1993:

Moments of Pleasure Video 1993:

Moments of Pleasure on MTV 1993;

Why Should I Love You – Heart in a Cage 1993:

1993 Ego’s and Icons Interview:

1993 Interview:

1993 Johnny Walker Interview:

1993 Talk Show:

And So is Love Top of the Pops 1994:

Good Morning with Anne and Nick 1994:

Queens of British Pop 2009:

2001 Q Awards:

Ariel Video 2005:

A Choral Room Video 2005:

Lake Tahoe Video 2011:

Deeper Understanding Video 2011:

Lake Tahoe Video 2011:

Rubberband Girl Directors Cut w Sylvie Guillem:

Queen of Pop 2011 German Doc:

2012 South Bank Award:


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This essay was published in: Tracking: Popular Music Studies,
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Dali 1977?:

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Coffee Homeground 1978:

All We Ever Look For 1980:

The Infant Kiss 1980:

Pull Out the Pin 1982:

Leave it Open Alternative Version 1982;

Ne T’enfuis Pas 1983:

Jig of Life 1985:

The Morning Fog 1985:

Big Stripey Lie 1993:

Cocteau Twins


Cocteau Twins

Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Alternative, Ethereal, Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave – Scotland – 80’s, 90’s

Elizabeth Fraser – Vocals 1979-1997 – Born August 29, 1963 – Grangemouth, Scotland


Robin Guthrie – Guitar, Bass, Drum Machine 1979-1997- Born January 4, 1962, Grangemouth, Scotland – Later in Violent Indiana


Will Hegge – Bass 1979-1983 – Later in Dead Neighbours and Lowlife

Simon Raymonde – Bass 1983-1997 – Born April 3, 1962 – Tottenham, England – Member of Drowning Craze 1980-1982, Later in This Mortal Coil, Blame Somebody Else and Snowbird, as well as a one off with Miki Berenyi of Lush called the Lillies


From website:

From other Website:


Academic Dictionaries:


From other Website:

Network Awesome:

Music Tonic:

Hazel, Alas Dies Laughing, Wax and Wane – Brixton 1982:

Wax and Wane 1983:

Musette and Drum on BBC4 1983:

Song of the Siren on Whistle Stop 1983:

Lorelei Live 1984:

Lorelei video1984:

Pearly Dew Drops on Whistle Test 1984:

Song of the Siren 1984: This Mortal Coil w Cocteau Twins

Spangle Maker, Pepper Tree, Millmillenary, Rococo, Pearly Dew Drops Live in Sweden 1984:

Spangle Maker, Pearly  Dew Drops 1984:

Aikea-Guinea  Music Video1985:

From the Flagstones 1985:

Pink Orange Red 1985:

Pale Cloud White – Live in Columbus OH, 1985:

Interview 1986?

Liz talks about her lyrics:

Interview about vidoes and artwork:

Orange Appled 1986:

Blue Bell Knoll 1986:

Love’s Easy Tears 1986:

Cico Bluff Video 1988:

Carolyn’s Fingers 1988:

Heaven or Las Vegas Video 1990:

Iceblink Luck Video 1990:

Full London show 1990:

Evangeline Video 1993:

Bluebeard Video 1994:

Ella Megalast Burls Forever, Aikea Guinea live in Toronto 1994:

Bluebeard on Jay Leno 1994:

Summerhead on Jools Holland 1994:

1994 interview MTV:

1994 on the beat interview:

Pink Orange Red live 1994:

Rilkean Heart Video 1995:

Golden Vien on MTV 1996:

Seekers who are Lovers 1996:

Blue Bell Knoll live in Seattle 1996:

Tishbite Video 1996:

Elizabeth Fraser with Massive Attack:

Violet Indiana – Poppy 2001:

Violet Indiana – Purr La Perla – live 2000:


French Biography: – hopefully it’ll be translated soon:

All Music Guide to Rock Page (232):


Cocteau Twins Website – bios:


History – first of 16 pages:

Other Website:


4AD Page:


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Pure Connect:!/au/flow/store/artist/14637-Cocteau-Twins





Flickr: – shots from 1985 San Francisco show –


Side Line Music- Previously Unreleased Live Tracks:

Bootlegs: – so many live shows – trade only :(….

Bootlegs from Bucklberry:

BBC Sessions:

1982 Peel Sessions:

1983 Peel Session:

Live in Amsterdam 1983:

The Hollow Men 1982:

But I’m not 1982:

Blood Bitch 1982:

Deaf, Dumb and Blind 1982:

Feather Oar-Blades – Live 1982:

Hearsay Please 1982:

Garlands, Dear Heart Live 1983:

Shallow Then Halo 1982:

Perhaps Some Other Aeon 1982:

It’s All But an Ark Lark 1982:

Laughlines 1983:

Fifty Ten Fiftyfold 1983:

Sugar Hiccup on Kid Jensen Show 1983:

Glass Candle Grenades 1983:

In the Gold Dust Rush 1983:

Multifoiled 1983:

My Love Paramoure live 1986:

Hitherto 1983:

Because of a Whirl-Jack 1983:

Treasure full album 1984:

Kookaburra 1985:

Plain Tiger live 1986:

Sultitan Itan 1985:

Great Spangled Fritillary 1985:

Melonella 1985:

Eggs and their Shells 1985:

Lazy Calm 1986:

Fluffy Tufts 1986:

Through the Dark Months of April and May 1986:

Whales Tails 1986:

Oomingmak 1986:

Little Spacey 1986:

How to Bring a Blush to the Snow 1986:

The Thinner Air 1986:

Speak No Evil 1986:

Those Eyes That Mouth live 1986:

Crushed live 1990:

Athol Brose 1988:

For Phoebe Still a Baby 1988:

Cico Buff live 1990:

Spooning Good Singing Gum 1988:

Watchlar extended mix 1990:

Cherry Cloured Funk live 1990:

Fifty Fifty Clown 1990:

I Wear Your Ring extended 1990:

Fotzepolitic 1990:

Road, River and Rail black sessions paris 1994:

The High Monkey Monk 1991:

The Waitresses

ImageimagesImageImageImageImageImageimagesimagesImage imagesImageImageImagewait_15timagesWaitresses82-March9_11thumb

The Waitresses

1978-1984 – Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave – Akron, OH, New York

Patty Donahue – Vocals – Born March 29, 1956 – Cleveland OH, Died of Lung Cancer December 9th, 1996 – New York City


Chris Butler – Guitars – Born May 22, 1949 – Ohio – also in (15-60-75) The Numbers Band and Tin Huey

Chris Butler’s website-

Tracy Wormworth – Bass, Vocals (1982-1984) – Later in B-52’s

Mars Williams – Saxophone – Born May 28th, 1955 – Elmhurst IL – Was also in Psychedelic Furs

Billy Vicca – Drums – Born February 15th, 1950 – Delaware – Was Also in Television, The Washington Squares, The Neon Boys…

Don Klayman – Keyboards

David Hofstra – Bass (1978-1982)

Ariel Warner – Background Vocals (1978-1982)



Released Title Chart positions

Billboard 200

1982 Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? 41 Polydor
1982 I Could Rule the World If I Could Only Get the Parts EP 128 Polydor
1983 Bruiseology 155 Polydor
1984 Make the Weather EP Polydor
1990 The Best of The Waitresses Polydor
1997 King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents The Waitresses King Biscuit
2003 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Waitresses Polydor
2007 Your Choice of Sides − A Collection of Outtakes & Obscuriosities Unreleased[15]
2013 Just Desserts: The Complete Waitresses Omnivore[14]>


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
1978 In “Short Stack” (“Slide” / “Clones”) single
1980 “I Know What Boys Like” / “No Guilt” single[4]
1981 Christmas Wrapping A Christmas Record
1982 “I Know What Boys Like” 62 Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful
“Square Pegs” I Could Rule the World If I Could Only Get the Parts
“Christmas Wrapping” 45 A Christmas Record
1983 “Make the Weather” Bruiseology



From Unofficial Website:

I Know What Boys Like Video 1982:

No Guilt, I Know What Boys Like on Old Grey Whistle Test 1982:

Live at Harrahs excerpts- Wise Up, Quit, I KNow What Boys Like and promo

Make the Weather Video 1983:

Square Pegs from show credits 1983

Urban Image Photos:

Song Stories – Christmas Wrapping:—the-waitresses-christmas-wrapping/2884121885001



All Music:




Music Brainz:

Future of Music:


Waitresses’ page from the Unultimate Rockopedia:

Around the Web:

Unofficial Website:

1982 NME Interview:

1982 NYT Article:

1996 Interview w Chris Butler:

1999 Interviews w Chris Butler and Tracy Wormworth:

Perfect Sound Forever – 2013 Interview w Chris Butler:

Old School Blog – Interview with Chris Butler:

Line Out:

Trouser Press:

The Star:

Paste Magazine:

The Second Disc:

JP’s Music Blog:

Music Minded:

Consequence of Sound:


Cult of Jef:

Songs for a Blue Guitar:



Basket Gasbla:

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Old Punks Blog:

Retro Universe:

Post Punk Progressive Pop Party:


The Stash Dauber:


Josh Pinkus is Crying:


Punk Rock Planet:

Pause and Play:

Pop Shifter:

Pop Matters:

Chicago Reader:

Stomp and Stammer:

Maxwell Traxx:

Martin’s View:

Kenneth in the 212:



Music News Nashville:

Omnivore Records:

Andrew P is the Internet:


Find a Grave:



Tim Huey w Patty Donahue – The Comb – 1978:

Christmas Wrapping 1981:

Concert vault:

Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful 1982:

Wise Up 1982:

Pussy Strut 1982:

Jimmy Tomorrow 1982:

Quit 1982:

I Could Rule the World if I Could Only Get The Parts LIve 1983:

Open City 1983:

Poly Styrene, Lora Logic (X-Ray Spex, Essential Logic)

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagetumblr_mtjpffw7u61rdgtxwo1_500  tumblr_mt6qu8Vio01rs15feo1_500 tumblr_ms97bvk8ws1s1qrjao1_500 tumblr_mo1r66raXO1qiryaxo1_400 tumblr_mwo2hfwezk1rs15feo1_1280 X Ray SpexImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagetumblr_msd9ou0t7n1snzy7wo1_500ImageImageImage

X-Ray Spex

Punk, New Wave, London, 70’s

Poly Styrene aka Marianne Joan Elliott-Said – Vocals – Born July 3rd, 1957, Bromley, Kent – Died April 25th, 2011, Sussex, England


Lora Logic aka Susan Whitby  Born 1960 – Saxophone, Vocals (1977) – Later in Essential Logic and Red Crayon with Art & Language


Jak Airport aka Jack Stafford – Guitars- formerly in Puncture, later in Classix Nouveaux, Airport and Dean


Paul Dean – Bass – Later in Classix Nouveaux, Airport and Dean

Paul “B.P.” Hurding – Drums -Later in Classix Nouveaux

Steve (Rudy) Thompson – Saxophone 1978-1979 – Later in the Members

Essential Logic:


Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave – 70’s, 80’s – London

Lora Logic – Vocals

Phil Legg – Guitar and Vocals

William Bennett – Guitar – Later in Whitehouse

Marc Turner – Bass

Rich Tea – Drums

David Wright – Saxophone


X-Ray Spex:



  • Oh Bondage Up Yours!” / “I Am A Cliché” (September 1977: Virgin Records, VS 189); also released as a 12″ single (VS 189–12)
  • “The Day The World Turned Day-Glo” / “I Am A Poseur” (March 1978: EMI International, INT 553) – No. 23 UK Singles Chart[35]
  • “Identity” / “Let’s Submerge” (July 1978: EMI International, INT 563) – No. 24 UK
  • “Germfree Adolescents” / “Age” (October 1978: EMI International, INT 573) – No. 19 UK
  • “Highly Inflammable” / “Warrior in Woolworths” (April 1979: EMI International, INT 583) – No. 45 UK

Appearances on various artist compilations (selective)[edit]

Listing of those various artist compilation albums mentioned in the text of the main article:

Polly Styrene Solo:



  • God’s & Godesses (Awesome, 1986)[30]


  • “Silly Billy”/”What A Way” — as Mari Elliot (GTO, 1976)[10]
  • “Talk In Toytown”/”Sub Tropical” (United Artists, 1980)[31]
  • “City Of Christmas Ghosts” — Goldblade featuring Poly Styrene (Damaged Goods, 2008)[32]
  • “Black Christmas” (2010)[19]
  • “Virtual Boyfriend” (2011)[21]
  • “Ghoulish” (2011)

Essential Logic:

Studio album
Singles & EPs
  • Aerosol Burns (1978)
  • Wake Up (1979)
  • Popcorn Boy Waddle Ya Do? (1979)
  • Music Is A Better Noise (1980)
  • Eugene (1980)
  • Fanfare In The Garden (1981)
  • Essential Logic (1981)
  • Fanfare in the Garden (2003)

Lora Logic Solo:


Pedigree Charm

‎ ◄ (5 versions)Rough Trade19825

Singles & EPs

Wonderful Offer

‎ ◄ (2 versions)Rough Trade1981

Record Collector:


From Poly’s Website:

Musictonic: – Videos

Meta Cafe:

Pop Video:

Oh Bondage Up Yours 1977:

Interview with Poly Styrene November 1977- for Countdown (Australian TV?):

Who is Poly Styrene? –BBC 4  Documentary- 1979:

World Turned Day-Glo – Top of the Pops? 1978:

I Live Off You, Genetic Engineering, Warrior in Woolworths – Old Grey Whistle Stop 1978:

1978 Interview:

Live @ the Hope and Anchor- The London Weekend Show – Art-I-Ficial, Oh Bondage; Up Yours, Genetic Engineering, World Turned Day-Glo:

Warrior in Woolworths 1978:

Oh, Bondage Up Yours 1978:

Germ Free Adolecent – Top of the Pops – 1978:

Identity – Music Video 1978:

Essential logic Live 1979:

Trick of the Witch 1983:

Women in Punk Segment from Punk Attitude:

X-Ray Spex segment from “The Punk Years”:

Black Christmas Video 2010:

Ghoulish 2011:

Interview about Generation Indigo 2011:



Poly’s Punk Party:



Trouser Press:

All Music:

Kill Rock Stars Essential Logic Page:

Art Bear – Essential Logic:


Poly and Lora’s chapter in Cinderella’s Bid Score – Maria Raha –

This is coming out soon? :

X-ray spex. (2013). S.l.: Book On Demand Ltd.

Around the Web:

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Au Pairs



Au Pairs


Punk , Post Punk, New Wave

Birmingham, England

Lesley Woods – Guitar, Vocals



Jane Munro – Bass, Vocals

Jane’s aromatherapy website –







Paul Foad – Guitar, Vocals



Pete Hammond – Drums




Singles[edit source | editbeta]

  • “You” / “Domestic Departure” / “Kerb Crawler” (021 Records, OTO 2, 1979)
  • “It’s Obvious” / “Diet” (021 Records, OTO 4, 1980)
  • “Inconvenience” / “Pretty Boys” (Human Records, HUM 8, 1981)
  • “Inconvenience” / “Pretty Boys” / “Headache For Michelle” (remix) (Human Records, HUM 8/12, 1981)

Albums[edit source | editbeta]

  • Playing with a Different Sex (Human Records, HUMAN 1, 1981) (No. 33 UK)[3]
  • Sense and Sensuality (Kamera Records, KAM 010, 1982) (No. 79 UK)[3]
  • Live in Berlin (AKA Records, AKA6, recorded 1982, released 1983)
  • Shocks to the System: The Very Best of the Au Pairs (Cherry Red, CDMRED161, 1999)
  • Equal But Different – BBC Sessions 79-81 (RPM, RPM139)
  • Sense and Sensuality (Remastered) (Castle Music, CMRCD 470, 2002)
The Castle version corrects severe errors on the original version, including the too-fast speed of the Kamera Records release.[citation needed]


Old Grey Whistle Test- 1981- Set Up –

From Urgh! it’s a Music War – 1981 – Come Again

At Pinkpop -1982 – Set Up, Dear John –

Casablanca, Swedish TV – 1982 – Sex Without Stress, America, Intact –

Lesley Woods Solo 2012- Gloria




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It’s Obvious –

You –

Kerb Crawler –

Monogamy –

Diet –

Headache for Michelle –

We’re So Cool –

Ideal Woman –

Stepping Out of Line –

What Kind of Girl –