Mildred Bailey

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Mildred Bailey

Born: Mildred Rinker February 27, 1907 (or 1900) in Tekoa, Washington

Died: December 12, 1951 Poughkeepsie, New York

Jazz, Jazz Singer, Jazz Vocals, Big Band, Swing

20’s, 30’s, 40’s

Mrs. Swing, The Rockin’ Chair Lady, Queen of Swing


Hit singles

(Vocalion releases only)

Year Single US Cat. No.
1936 For Sentimental Reasons 18 3367
More Than You Know 15 3378
1937 Trust in Me(A-side) 4 3449
“My Last Affair” (B-side) 10 3449
Where Are You? 5 3456
“Never in a Million Years” 8 3508
Rockin’ Chair 13 3553
“It’s the Natural Thing to Do” 14 3626
“Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)” 14 3712
Right or Wrong 19 3758
1938 Thanks for the Memory 11 3931
“Don’t Be That Way” 9 4016
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart 8 4083
Small Fry 9 4224
“So Help Me” 2 4253
My Reverie 10 4408
1939 “Blame It On My Last Affair” 13 4632
“Moon Love” 14 4939

Notable recordings

The following are some of Bailey’s most well-known swing recordings

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Log of Milded’s CBS Radio Show – Music Till Midnight 1944:



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Shelf 3D: Red Norvo – Love Is Here To Stay (Mildred Bailey, vocal)

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Mildred Section of the Encyclopedia of Native Music: bailey&f=false

Mildred Section in Teddy Wilson Talks Jazz: bailey&f=false

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What Kind of Man is You 1929:

I Like to Do Things For You 1930:

All of Me 1931:

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 1931:

Georgia 1931:

We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye 1931:

Too Late 1931:

He’s Not Worth Your Tears 1931:

Blues in My Heart 1931:

Home 1931:

Lies 1931:

Rockin’ Chair 1932 and 1937:

I’ll Never Be the Same 1932:

Sleepy Time Down South 1932:

Dear Old Mother Dixie 1932:

Strangers 1932:

Love Me Tonight 1932:

Dance Selections from Hot-Cha 1932:

Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon 1932:

Heat Wave 1933:

Doin’ The Uptown Lowdown 1933:

Shouting in That Amen Corner 1933:

Lazy Bones 1933:

There’s a Cabin in the Pines 1933:

But I Can’t Make A Man 1933:

Emaline 1934:

Junk Man 1934:

Ol’ Pappy 1934:

Someday Sweetheart 1935:

Squeeze Me 1935:

When Day is Done 1935:

Downhearted Blues 1935:


Willow Tree 1935:

Honeysuckle Rose 1935:

Harry Richmond Radio Show 1936:

Picture Me Without You 1936:

More Than You Know 1937:

Just a Stone’s Throw From Heaven 1937:

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm 1937:

Smoke Dreams 1937:

There’s a Lull in My Life 1937:

The Moon Got in My Eyes 1937:

Where Are You? 1937:

The Morning After 1937:

It’s the Natural Thing to Do 1937:

Bob White 1937:

A Cigarette and a Silhouette 1938:

Lover Come Back To Me 1938:

As Long As You Live 1938:

After Dinner Speech 1938:

Says My Heart 1938:

I Can’t Face the Music Without Singing the Blues 1938:

I Go For That 1938:

My Melancholy Baby 1938:

Love is Here to Stay 1938:

I Used to Be Color-Blind 1938:

What Have You Got That Gets Me 1938:

If You Were in My Place 1938:

Small Fry 1938:

Have You Forgotten So Soon 1938:

Old Folks 1938:

Blame it on My Last Affair 1938:

I See Your Face Before Me 1938:

Bewildered 1938:

The Weekend of the Private Secretary 1938:

Rock it For Me 1938:

Thanks for the Memories 1938:

Don’t Be That Way 1938:

Wigwammin” 1938:

At Your Beck and Call 1938:

So Help Me 1938:

Thanks for the Memory 1938:

Please Be Kind 1938:

They’ll Be Some Changes Made 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

Barrelhouse Music 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

Arkansas Blues 1939 w Mary Lou Williams:

You Don’t Know My Mind 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

The Little Man that Wasn’t There 1939:

Don’t Dally With the Devil 1939:

Tit Willow 1939:

Darn That Dream 1939:

Make With the Kisses 1939:

I See Your Fave Before Me, The Lamp is Low 1939:

I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You 1939:

It’s Slumbertime in the Swanee 1939:

Prisoner of Love 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

Moon Love 1939:

Three Little Fishes 1939:

I Thought About You 1939:

St. Louis Blues 1939:

Blue Rain 1939:

I Shoulda Stood in Bed 1939:

All the Things You Are 1939:

Wham (Re Bop Boom Bam) 1940:

The Complete Columbia Recordings Volume 10 1940-1941:

1. Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam) [Alternate Take]
2. Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam)
3. Little High Chairman
4. Easy to Love
5. Give Me Time
6. They Can’t Take That Away from Me
7. A Bee Gezindt
8. After All I’ve Been to You
9. Don’t Take Your Love from Me [Alternate Take][#]
10. Don’t Take Your Love from Me
11. Fools Rush In
12. From Another World
13. I’m Nobody’s Baby
14. Give Me Time
15. How Can I Ever Be Alone?
16. Tennessee Fish Fry
17. I’ll Pray for You
18. Blue (And Broken Hearted)
19. Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry [Alternate Take]
20. Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry
21. I’ll Be Around [Alternate Take][#]
22. I’ll Be Around
23. My Little Cousin

So Peaceful in the Country 1941:

I’m Afraid of Myself 1941:

Everything Depends on You 1941:

All Too Soon 1941:

Georgia on My Mind 1941:

Carolina Moon 1943:

Evelina 1944:

1944 Radio Show:

Scrap Your Fat 1943:

Jump Jump’s Here 1944:

Me and the Blues 1946:

Cry,Cry, Cry 1950:

Dixieland Clambake 1951:

Julia Lee

images-3    imgres imgres-5images-8 imgres-4images-7 images-6 images-5 images-4  6818817images-2 images-1 images


Julia Lee

Born: October 31, 1902 Boonville, Missouri

Died: December 8, 1958 San Diego, CA

Blues, Kansas City Blues, Dirty Blues, Jazz, Swing, Piano, Vocals

20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s

George E Lee and His Novelty Orchestra 1920? – 1935?


Julia Lee And Her Boyfriends

Kansas City’s Sweetheart of Song



Honking Duck:


Red Hot Jazz:


Opening of Delinquents featuring Julia Lee Live – Porter’s Lovesong to a Chambermaid:

Shelf 3D:


Music Tonic:


I Like Musik:




Julia Section in Going to Kansas City:

Julia Section in Black Women in American Bands and Orchestras:

Julia in the Blues Encyclopedia:

Women Composers of Ragtime: A Collection of Six Selected Rags by Women Composersby Carolynn A. Lindeman
Review by: Bonny H. Miller
Notes, Second Series, Vol. 43, No. 3 (Mar., 1987), p. 683:
Articles in Journals:
S. A. Pease30 Years in KC, Julia Lee Nabs National Fame,” DBxiii/2 (1947), 14
P. TannerJulia Lee,” Jazz Musiciv/2 (1949), 15
C. J. TateJulia Lee: (the Last of the Great Blues Singers),” SLxi/1–2 (1960), 9
S.-A. WorsfoldJulia’s Blues,” JJxxv/3 (1972), 22
M. RadanacKing Size Mama: the Julia Lee Story,” Soul Bagno.125 (1992), 6 [incl. discography]
B. MillarLiner notes, Julia Lee: Kansas City Star (Bear Family 15770, 1995)
S.-A. WorsfoldThe Forgotten Ones: Julia Lee,” JJI, lii/9 (1999), 10
  • Lee, Julia. (January 01, 1999). American National Biography, 13.



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1947 Downbeat Article:

Pease, Sharon A. 30 Years in KC, Julia Nabs National Fame.” Down Beat, January 15, 1947, Vol. 16, no. 2, page 12.

1960 Second Line Article:

Tate, Carey James. “Julia Lee: The Last of the Great Blues Singers,” Second Line, Jan/Feb, 1960, page 9.

1990 ARSC Journal:

Haddix, Charles J.”Julia Lee: The Empress of Kansas City,” ARSC Journal, Spring 1990, Volume 21, No. 1 (1990).

Jam It Up Issue #45:

2005 Pitch Article:

NYT Obituary:

Black Archives Obituary:



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Ruff Scufflin 1929:

St. James Infirmary 1929:

Don’t Come Too Soon 1946:

The Spinach Song ( I Didn’t Like it the First Time) 1946:

Show Me Missouri Blues 1946:

My Man Stands Out 1946:

When A Woman Loves A Man 1946:

Mama Don’t Allow It 1946:

Julia’s Blues 1946:

Crazy World 1946:

Sit Down and Drink it Over 1946:

Lies 1946:

It Won’t Be Long 1946:

Breeze 1946:

Do You Want It 1946:

I’ve Got a Crush on the Fuller Brush Man 1946:

Last Call For Alcohol 1946:

You Ain’t Got it No More 1946:

Don’t Save it Too Long 1946:

Goin’ To Chicago 1946:

I Was Wrong 1946:

Gotta Give Me What You Got 1946:

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles 1946:

Pagan Love Song 1946:

Tonight’s the Night 1946:

Tell Me, Daddy 1946:

Out in the Cold Again 1946:

Snatch and Grab It 1946:

King Size Papa 1946:

That’s What I Like 1947:

Charmaine 1947:

Young Girl’s Blues 1947:

Doubtful Blues 1947:

Scat You Cats 1947:

You Ain’t Got it No More 1947:

Lotus Blossom 1947:

Kansas City Boogie 1952:

Valaida Snow

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Valaida Snow

Born June 2, 1904 Chattanooga, TN

Died May May 30, 1956 New York City

Queen of the Trumpet, Little Louis, Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Trumpet, Vocals, Vaudeville, Dance, Cello, Bass, Banjo, Violin, Mandolin, Harp, Accordion, Clarinet, Saxophone

Briefly performed with the Washboard Rhythm Kings, though it may have been her sister and the name got changed.


Henry BeBop:

Music Brainz:



Valaida Snow in literature

Valaida Snow appears as a fictional character who threw herself on top of the protagonist when he was a child to shield him from a beating at the hands of the Nazis in a concentration camp. Snow is depicted as a strong, generous woman who proudly recalls that “They beat me, and fucked me in every hole I had. I was their whore. Their maid. A stool they stood on when they wanted to reach a little higher. But I never sang in their cage, Bobby. Not one note” (p. 28).
A novel based on Valaida Snow’s life story.
Allen Talks about her novel-
  • Mark Miller (2007). High Hat, Trumpet and Rhythm: The Life and Music of Valaida Snow. Toronto: The Mercury Press. ISBN 978-1-55128-127-8.
Biography. Both the Allen and Miller books contradict the assertion that Snow was held by the Nazis and instead place her in Danish custody at a Copenhagen prison.
Inspired by Valaida’s life, but it is more fictitious than strictly biographical.

Valaida excerpt in Vaudeville Old and New:

Valaida Snow Excerpts in Babylon Girls:

Valaida section in Hot for Harlem:

Valaida section of Black Women in American Bands:

Valaida Snow section of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance:

In Shanghai Dancing World:


Cool Mojito:

Music Tonic:

Night Club Scene in Pieges- My Sweetheart 1939:

Patience and Fortitude Soundie 1946:

If You Only Knew Soundie 1946:

MIni Doc, or Valaida segment of longer doc, 1980’s:



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Flapper Girl Sings:,Chicago,Flappers,ErinMcDougald,LiveJazz,JazzLuminary/valaida-snow/

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1982 Black American Literature Article by Rosetta Reitz:

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2009 Toronto Quarterly Article:

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2013 Line Out Article:

2014 the mag article:

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Southeastern Cushman Club Connect:

Maybe I’m to Blame 1933:

Poor Butterfly 1933:

I Cant Dance, Ants in My Pants 1935:

It Had to Be You 1935:

Imagination 1935:

Sing, You Sinners 1935:

You Let Me Down 1936:

It Had to be You 1935:

Singing in the Rain 1935:

I Wish That I Were Twins 1934?:

I Want A Lot of Love 1936:

Until the Real Thing Comes Along 1935:

Take Care of You For Me 1936:

I Must Have that Man 1936:

The Mood I’m In 1937:

Lovable and Sweet 1938?:

Some of These Days 1938?:

Chloe 1938?:

Nagasaki 1939?:

Minnie the Mocher 1939:

My Heart Belongs to Daddy 1939:

Swing Low Sweet Chariot 1939:

Caravan 1939:

St. Louis Blues 1940:

You’re Driving Me Crazy 1940:

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love 1940:

Fool that I Am 1945:

Tell Me How Long This Train’s Been Gone 1951?:

I Ain’t Gonna Tell 1952?:

Hazel Scott

imgres-4images-77images-39images-73images-75$T2eC16JHJIkE9qU3i)j+BRVgVbo9zg~~60_35images-58images-70images-42images-65images-53imgres-1images-61images-43  images-55images-54            514bJdmt3NL._AA115_ images-34images-56images-67images-10   images-51images-78images-26images-38images-11images-50      images-44   scott_hazel_photo_of_the_day_gallery_gallery-image_25758  © Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporation    images-33 imgres-2    images-41images-28 images-46images-71       Image  Hazel-Scott-1 images-72Bobbyreidgetstrophy-copy2images-36images-4images-40072412_2205_MoreRareand190images-21 94f1701fcc54a88fc6897d7a83a2d48fimages-57images-25tumblr_lywgfxvc8L1qd9a66o1_500Hazel Scott;Ella Fitzgerald;Adam Clayton Jr. Powellimages-6images-62images-63images-49hazel-scott  sam-shere-wedding-cake-shape-of-white-house-delivered-for-adam-clayton-powell-jr-and-hazel-scott-s-weddingimages-8images-20images-19images-48images-17images-45    images-37images-12images-52images-23images-13 images-14 images-24 images-76 2626253061_1d4737194a_o images-3images-7116295831images-60images-15images-9imgresscott_review images-1 images-74imagescharles-sanders-hazel-scott-1965images-30

Hazel Scott

Born: Hazel Dorothy Scott – June 11, 1920 Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Died: October 2, 1981 New York

Jazz Piano and Vocals, Classical, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Bop, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s New York, Paris


Survey of Women in Jazz:


Great Scott

‎ (10″, Album)

Columbia 1950

Relaxed Piano Moods

‎ ◄ (2 versions)

Debut Records 1955


‎ (LP)

Image Records 1979

Hazel Scott’s Late Show

‎ (10″, Album)

Capitol Records Unknown

Earl HinesHazel ScottMatt DennisBarkley AllenEddie Heywood – Piano Greats ‎ (LP)

Guest Star Unknown

Singles & EPs

Embraceable You

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Decca 1947

Hazel’s Boogie Woogie

‎ ◄ (2 versions)

Decca Unknown

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 In “C” Sharp Minor / Valse In “D” Flat Major

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Decca Unknown

Dark Eyes / Hallelujah!

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Decca Unknown

Prelude In “C” Sharp Minor / Country Gardens

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Decca Unknown

Ritual Fire Dance / Two Part Invention In “A” Minor

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Decca Unknown

The Man I Love / Fascinating Rhythm

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Decca Unknown


Hazel ScottMary Lou WilliamsDorothy DoneganCleo BrownAnn Jenkins (2) – The Feminine Touch ‎ (2×7″, Comp, EP)

Decca 1953

Hazel ScottMary Lou WilliamsDorothy DoneganCleo BrownAnn Jenkins (2) – The Feminine Touch ‎ (10″, Comp)

Decca 1953



Music Tonic:

Hungarian Rhapsody II, Gonna Be a Great Day, Boogie Woogie Number (Hazel’s Boogie Woogie?) – Army/Navy Screen Magazine #8 – 1942?

Segment From Broadway Rhythm- Waltz in D Flat Major- 1944:

Segment From The Heat is On -The Black Keys and the White Keys, Caisson Number- 1944:

Segment From Rhapsody in Blue- The Man I Love, I Got Rhythm, Clap Your Hands, Fascinating Rhythm, Yankee Doodle Dandy – 1945:

Segments From I Dood It -Takin A  Chance on Me, Jericho, and first 25 min of movie including One O’Clock Jump (w Lena Horne), just Hazels parts- 1942:

For the March of Dimes- w Charles Mingus and Rudy Nichols -Foggy Day, Autumn Leaves- 1955:

On Night Music – A Foggy Day – w Charles Mingus and Rudy Nichols – 1955:

 Part of,Hazel Scott Segment in Brown Sugar: Eighty Years of Black Female Superstars, Full hour (2 of 4), Hazel Segment 15:00-22:50, Including Interview – PBS 1986:

Clip from Girls in the Band:

Professor McNair on Hazel:


U of Michigan Press:

Chilton, K. (2008). Hazel Scott: The pioneering journey of a jazz pianist from Café Society to Hollywood to HUAC. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Neworld Review:

Jazz Times Book Review:

Good Reads Review:

Hazel’s chapter in African American Actresses –  p.215-243

Hazel Scott Chapter in Hot From Harlem:

Hazel Scott Chapter in Some Liked it Hot:

Hazel Scott chapter in Stranger in the Village:

Hazel in Historical Dictionary of African American Television:

Hazel in Big Ears:

Testimony of Hazel Scott Powell Hearings:




African American Registry:

Black Past:

Women in Jazz:

Journal of African American History Spring 2006:

Carribbean Hall Of Fame:


WNYC Musical Bio:

WQXR Musical Bio:!/story/112430-still-swinging-still-classic-a-musical-biography-of-pioneering-pianist-hazel-scott/

PRX Musical Bio:


All Music:


Music Brainz:

Around the Web:

1942 Time Article:,9171,773793,00.html

1945 Time Article on Hazel refusing to play segregated shows:,9171,778420,00.html

1945 Life Magazine:

1961 Time Article:,9171,872082,00.html


Hazel Scott’s FBI File:

Click to access hazel-scott-fbi-files.pdf

Chilled Air Text:

TV Rage Lists Hazel Scott Show ( I hope the actual shows surface someday):

Roots Rhythm and Rhyme:


The Black Sista’s Page:

Fresh Sounds:


First Lady:

Black Culture:

Celluloid Librarian:

Brown Sugar:

Silenced: Women and the Broadcast Blacklist:

I’ll Keep You Posted:

Greatest Generation:

Madame Noire:

The Horn Section:


The Kojo Nnamdi Show:

Cahl’s Juke Joint:

Jeannie on Jazz:

Classic Movies:




Common Breathe Media:

125th Street:

Gems of Jazz:

I Frame:

UR City:

Q’s Daydream:

Sara Landeau:

Knickerbocker Village:

The Mind:

Diasporic Roots:

See Saw:


NYT Obituary: and All Posters – Ebony Photos:–b709708/hazel-scott-ebony-posters.htm

New York Amsterdam News:



Vodley Movies:


Brainy Quotes:

Poem Hunter – More Quotes:

Communication Currents:

Find A Grave:


Internet Archive:

Amazing Page of Rarities and Outtakes, Mostly Solos:

Valse in D Flat Major Op.64 No. 1 1939:

Country Gardens 1939:

Ritual Fire Dance 1939:

Prelude in C Sharp Minor 1939:

Two Part Invention in A Minor 1939:

Hazel’s Boogie Woogie 1942:

Blues in B Flat 1942:

Hallelujah 1942:

Dark Eyes 1942:

Three Little Words 1942:

Body and Soul 1943:

Fascinating Rhythm 1945:

The Man I Love 1945:

On The Sunny Side of the Street 1946:

Blues in B Flat 1953:

Like Someone to Love 1955:

Piece of Mind 1955:

Lament 1955:

The Jeep is Jumpin 1955:

Git Up From There 1955:

On S’est Aime Si Tendrement 1958:

Ton Pas Dans la Rue 1958:

Ivie Anderson


Ivie Anderson

Born Ivy Smith January 16, 1904 Gilroy, CA –

December 28th, 1949 Los Angeles, CA

30’s , 40’s Jazz

New York City

Discography with Duke Ellington :



  • I’ve Got the World on a String” (UK Columbia CB-625) February 15, 1933 (recorded in New York but only issued overseas)
  • “Happy as the Day Is Long” (Brunswick 6571) May 9, 1933
  • “Raisin’ the Rent” (Brunswick 6571) May 9, 1933
  • “Get Yourself a New Broom (and Sweep Your Blues Away)” (Brunswick 6607) May 9, 1933
  • “I’m Satisfied” (Brunswick 6638) August 15, 1933


  • “Ebony Rhapsody” (Victor 24622) April 12, 1934
  • “Troubled Waters” (Victor 24651) May 9, 1934
  • “My Old Flame” (Victor 24651) May 9, 1934


  • “Let’s Have a Jubilee” (unissued on 78) January 9, 1935
  • “Cotton” (Brunswick 7525) August 19, 1935
  • “Truckin'” (Brunswick 7514) August 19, 1935


  • “Dinah Lou” (unissued on 78) January 20, 1936
  • “Isn’t Love the Strangest Thing?” (Brunswick 7625) February 27, 1936
  • “Love Is Like a Cigarette” (Brunswick 7627) February 28, 1936
  • “Kissin’ My Baby Goodnight” (Brunswick 7627) February 28, 1936
  • “Oh Babe! Maybe Someday” (Brunswick 7667) February 28, 1936
  • “Shoe Shine Boy” (Brunswick 7710) July 17, 1936
  • “It Was a Sad Night in Harlem” (Brunswick 7710) July 17, 1936


  • “I’ve Got To Be a Rug Cutter” (Master MA-101) March 5, 1937
  • “My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms” (as The Gotham Stompers) (Variety VA-629) March 25, 1937
  • “Did Anyone Ever Tell You?” (as The Gotham Stompers) (Variety VA-541) March 25, 1937
  • “Where Are You?” (as The Gotham Stompers) (Variety VA-541) March 25, 1937
(The Gotham Stompers session included members of Ellington’s band plus members of Chick Webb‘s.)
  • “There’s a Lull in My Life” (Master MA-117) April 9, 1937
  • “It’s Swell of You” (Master MA-117) April 9, 1937
  • “The Old Plantation” (as Ivie Anderson And Her Boys From Dixie) (Variety VA-591) April 22, 1937
  • “All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm” (as Ivie Anderson And Her Boys From Dixie) (Variety VA-591) June 8, 1937
  • “Alabamy Home” (Master VA-137) June 8, 1937


  • “If You Were in My Place (What Would You Do?)” (Brunswick 8093) February 24, 1938
  • “Scrounch” (Brunswick 8093) February 24, 1938
  • “Carnival in Caroline” (Brunswick 8099) March 3, 1938
  • “Swingtime in Honolulu” (Brunswick 8131) April 11, 1938
  • “You Gave Me the Gate (and I’m Swingin’)” (Brunswick 8169) June 7, 1938
  • “Rose of the Rio Grande” (Brunswick 8186) June 7, 1938
  • “When My Sugar Walks Down the Street” (Brunswick 8168) June 7, 1938
  • “Watermelon Man” (Brunswick 8200) June 20, 1938
  • “La De Doody Do” (Brunswick 8174) June 20, 1938


  • “In a Mizz” (Brunswick 8405) June 12, 1939
  • “I’m Checkin’ Out, Goo’m Bye” (Columbia 35208) June 12, 1939
  • “A Lonely Co-ed” (Columbia 35240) June 12, 1939
  • “You Can Count On Me” (Brunswick 8411) June 12, 1939
  • “Killing Myself” (Columbia 35640) October 16, 1939
  • “Your Love Has Faded” (Columbia 35640) October 16, 1939


  • Solitude” (Columbia 35427) February 14, 1940
  • Stormy Weather” (Columbia 35556) February 14, 1940
  • Mood Indigo” (Columbia 35427) February 14, 1940
  • “So Far, So Good” (Victor 26537) March 6, 1940
  • “Me and You” (Victor 26598) March 15, 1940
  • “At a Dixie Roadside Diner” (Victor 26719) July 22, 1940
  • “Five O’Clock Whistle” (Victor 26748) September 15, 1940



  • “I Don’t Mind” (Victor 20-1598) February 26, 1942
  • “Hayfoot, Strawfoot” (Victor 20-1505) July 28, 1942

Ivie Anderson´s recordings without Duke Ellington´s Orchestra

No recordings were made before Ivie joined Ellington.

The Gotham Stompers 25Mar37, New York

Cootie Williams tp, S Williams tb, Barney Bigard cl, Johnny Hodges alt, Harry Carney bar, Tommy Fulford p, Bernard Addison g, Billy Taylor b, Chick Webb dr,
Wayman Carver arr. 

M301-1  My Honey´s Lovin´ Arms    Variety VA 629    Tax m-8005
M301-2  My Honey´s Lovin´ Arms    rejected
M302-1  Did Anyone Ever Tell You  Variety VA 541    Tax m-8011
M302-2  Did Anyone Ever Tell You  Merritt 25
M304-1  Where Are You ?           Variety VA 541    Tax m-8011
M304-2  Where Are You ?           rejected
M303-1  Alabamy Home              Variety VA 626    Tax m-8005
or Alabamy Lane, only instrumental, wrong information.
M303-2  Alabamy Home              rejected

“A Day at the Races”

MGM Studio Orchestra , Culver City, Jan/Feb37. Crinoline Singers (Eddie Jones leader).

        All God´s Chillun´Got Rhythm     Black Jack LP 3004

“Jubilee” 19Apr43, Hollywood

Unknown personnel maybe with Louis Armstrong and orchestra.

       Unknown Title     AFRS “Jubilee” programme 21 part 2.

Ceele Burke´s Orch. ca 1945, Hollywood

Unknown personnel, arranger Max Walter.

 AMO  3113A  Mexico Joe         Excellent 3113  Exclusive 230
AMO  3114A  Play Me the Blues  Excellent 3114  Exclusive 230
(AMO  3113B  When The Ships Come Sailing Home Again and
AMO  3114B  Now Or Never       have Ceele Burke as vocalist)

The Jubilee All Stars Oct45, Hollywood

  He´s Tall, Dark and Handsome
Jam Session Blues
both selections ARFS “Jubilee” programme 152 part 1,
Swingtime ST1009, LP from Contact Records, Italy.

Ivie Anderson and her All Stars, Jan46, LA

Karl George tp, Willie Smith alt, Gene Porter tenor, Buddy Collette bar, Wilbert Baranco p & arranger, Buddy Harper g, Charlie Mingus b, Booker Hart dr.

BW 203    I Got It Bad                     Storyville 804  B&W 771
BW 204    On The Sunny Side of the Street  Storyville 804  B&W 771
BW 205-1  You Ought To Know                                B&W 772
BW 206-3  The Voot Is Here To Stay                         B&W 772

Ivie Anderson & Phil Moore´s Orch. Oct46, LA

Phil Moore pianist and arranger. Personnel included Karl George tp, Lucky Thompson ten, Willie Smith alt, Irving Ashby g, Lee Young dr.

BW 481-4  He’s Tall, Dark and Handsome     Storyville 804  B&W 823
BW 482    Empty Bed Blues                  Storyville 804  B&W 824
BW 483-2  Twice Too Many                   Storyville 804  B&W 823
BW 484    Big Butter and Egg Man           Storyville 804  B&W 824

Cee Pee Johnson, 1947 L.A.

Teddy Buckner, Gerald Wilson tp, Ralph Bledsoe tb, Arthur Dennis alt, Dexter Gordon ten, Warren Bracker p, Irving Ashby g, Red Callender b, Cee Pee Johnson dr.

          Play me the blues      KayDee LP-2, radioprogramme



Bundle of Blues – Soundie with Duke Ellington 1933

Lightnin’, Stormy Weather

I Got it Bad and that Ain’t Good  -Soundie 1941:

The Hit Parade 1937 – I’ve Got to be a Rug Cutter begins at 7:13

From A Day at the Races 1937 – All God’s Chillrun’



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It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing 1932

Delta Bound 1932:

Raisin’ the Rent 1933:

Get Yourself a New Broom 1933:

Kissing my Baby Goodnight 1936

Love is Like a Cigarette 1936:

A Sad Night in Harlem 1937:

I Gotta Be a Rug Cutter 1937:

You Gave Me the Gate1937:

Rose of the Rio Grande 1938:

Carnival in Caroline 1938:

When My Sugar Walks Down the Street 1938:

I’m Checkin Out My Go’om Bye 1939:

Five O’Clock Whistle 1940:

Rocks in my Bed 1941:

Chocolate Shake 1941:

Hayfoot Strawfoot 1942:

The Voot is Here to Stay 1946:

Mary Lou Williams


Jazz Piano, Free Jazz, Hard Bop, Swing, Big Band, Third Stream, Gospel, Classical

20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. 60’s, 70’s

Born Mary Elfrieda Scruggs  May 8, 1910 Atlanta, GA 

Pittsburgh, PA 1915?-1927?

First Public performance age 6. Known as the little piano girl of East Liberty (Pittsburgh neighborhood). Played with Duke Ellington’s band the Washingtonians at 15. Married saxophonist John Williams in 1927 and moved to Memphis to join his band the Syncopators.

Memphis, TN, Oklahoma City OK, Tulsa, OK 1928-1929?

John Joined Andy Kirk’s Twelve Clouds of Joy. The band eventually accepted a longstanding engagement in Kansas City.

Kansas City, KS 1929?- 1941

Though not originally a member of the band she often stood in for their unreliable (read drunk) pianist and also served as arranger and composer of songs Walking and Singing, Twinklin’ and Little Joe From Chicago. . Mary Lou joined the band for a recording session in Chicago and improvised two piano solos Drag “em and Nightlife . Soon after she was hired as the Twelve Clouds of Joy’s permanent piano player. She also worked as a freelance arranger for the likes of Earl Hines, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman. Duke described Mary Lou as Soul on Soul. In 1941 Mary Lou Divorced John, quit the band and returned briefly to Pittsburgh, joined Harold “Shorty” Baker’s Band, married Baker. He then joined Duke Ellington’s band and they moved to New York.

New York NY 1942-1952

Mary Lou accepted a regular gig at Cafe Society and started a weekly radio show on WNEW called Mary Lou Williams Piano Workshop. She also began mentoring younger musicians such as Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. Mary Lou’s Harlem apartment became an after after hours hangout for these young musicians and could be called the birthplace of bop. She composed Dizzy’s it In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee. Mary Lou later recalled during a melody maker interview “During this period Monk and the kids would come to my apartment every morning around four or pick me up at the Café after I’d finished my last show, and we’d play and swap ideas until noon or later”. Some of these Cafe society dates were with Billie Holiday, just the two of them on stage, sadly none of these dates were recorded and if i live to see time travel Cafe Society 1944 would be my first destination. In 1945 Mary Lou recorded the Zodiac Suite, writing a song for musicians born under each sign .

Paris 1952-1954

Accepted an offer to perform in London and stayed in Europe for two years.

New York, NY 1954-1976

After returning Mary Lou took a hiatus from performing and concentrated on her work for the Bel Canto Foundation an effort she started to help musicians cope with their addictions and  return to performing. Encouraged by Dizzy and her future manager Father Peter O’Brien she finally returned to performing herself at the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival. Later Mary Lou would form her own record label, Mary’s Records,  helped found the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival, recorded The History of Jazz, Music for Peace and Mary Lou’s Mass and opened thrift stores in Harlem.

Durham, NC 1977- May 28, 1981

In 1977 Mary Lou accepted a post at Duke University to teach a course on the history of jazz and direct the Duke Jazz ensemble. Mary Lou died of bladder cancer on May 28. 1981. In 1983 Duke University established the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture.

Mary Lou’s Drawing on the history of Jazz Image


1980 Montreal? –

Little Joe From Chicago – same show? –

1978 – my blue heaven –

On Mister Rodgers –

A Great day in Harlem- 1958 –


Dat Dere –

Mary’s Boogie –

Tisherome –

Froggy Bottom -

Hesitation Boogie –


gjon mili jam session –

D.D.T –

solo piano 1944-

roll em’ –

1976 interview –

syl-o-gism –

Nicole –

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– though the piano player in Boy what a Girl is actually Beryl Booker

Discogs: –





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In her own words:

1954 Melody Maker –

1976 Bop & Beyond –

1978 San Francisco –

In Print

Dahl, Linda
Morning Glory: A Biography of Mary Lou Williams

Kernodle, Tammy L.
Soul on Soul: the Life and Music of Mary Lou Williams

A historical novel based on the early life of jazz legend Mary Lou Williams.

Set in 1920s Pittsburgh, 13-year-old Mary was marked from birth by the “sign of the caul,” a powerful signifier in African-American culture. The caul indicates rare powers, especially a tendency toward “second sight.” Mary’s special gift of seeing manifests itself in visions of ghosts and spirits and culminates in an uncanny musical ability.