Barbara Lynn

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Barbara Lynn

Born: Barbara Lynn Ozen – January 16, 1942 – Beaumont, TX

Rhythm and Blues, Electric Blues, Soul



  • 1963 You’ll Lose A Good Thing (Jamie)
  • 1964 Sister of Soul (Jamie)
  • 1968 Here Is Barbara Lynn (Atlantic)
  • 1988 You Don’t Have To Go (Ichiban)
  • 1993 So Good (Bullseye Blues)
  • 1996 Until Then I’ll Suffer (I.T.P.)
  • 2000 Hot Night Tonight (Antone’s)
  • 2004 Blues & Soul Situation (Dialtone)

Chart singles

Year Single Chart Positions
US Pop[7] US
1962 You’ll Lose A Good Thing 8 1
“Second Fiddle Girl” 63
“You’re Gonna Need Me” 65 13
1963 Don’t Be Cruel 93
“(I Cried At) Laura’s Wedding” 68
1964 “Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’)” 69 n/a[9]
“Don’t Spread It Around” 93 n/a[9]
1965 “It’s Better To Have It” 95 26
1966 “You Left The Water Running” 42
1968 “This Is The Thanks I Get” 65 39
1971 “(Until Then) I’ll Suffer” 31

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You’ll Loose a Good Thing 1964:

It’s Better to Have It, What I’d Say – On the Beat 1966:

Your Losing Me:

Misty Blue 2005:

at home and unplugged 2008:

Please Please Please 2010:

We Got a Good Thing Goin 2013:


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Second Fiddle Girl 1962:

Your’re Gonna Need Mr 1963:

You Better Stop 1963:

Dina and Petrina 1963:

You Don’t Sleep at Night 1963:

Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin On) 1963:

Don’t Be Cruel 1963:

Heartbreaking Years 1963:

Teenage Blues 1963:

What I Need is Love 1963:

You Don’t Have to Go 1963:

Letter to Mommy and Daddy 1963:

Don’t Spread it Around 1964:

Let Her Self Knock Herself Out 1964:

Unfair 1964:

You Can’t Buy My Love 1965:

I’m a Good Woman 1966:

You Left the Water Running 1966:

Until I’m Free 1966:

Watch the One 1967:

Club A Go-Go 1967:

I Don’t Want a Playboy 1967:

Why Can’t You Love Me 1968:

Sure is Worth It 1968:

Only You Know How to Love Me 1968:

( Until Then)I’ll Suffer 1968:

Sufferin’ City 1968:

Multiplyin” Pain 1968:

Why Can’t You Love Me 1968:

Mix it Up Baby 1968:

This is the Thanks I Get 1968:

Ring Telephone Ring 1968:

Take Your Love and Run 1971:

Nice and Easy 1971:

You Better Quit it 1971:

You’re Too Hot To Hold 1971:

You Make Me So Hot 1973:

Sugar Coated Love 1974:

Movin’ On a Groove 1976:

Disco Music 1976:

Ella Mae Morse


Ella Mae Morse

Born: September 12, 1924 Mansfield, TX

Died: October 16, 1999 Bullhead City, AZ

Jazz, Vocals, Jump Blues, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Rockabilly, Rock, Boogie, Barrelhouse – 40’s, 50’s




Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His Orchestra* – Barrelhouse, Boogie And The Blues ◄ (2 versions)

Capitol Records 1954

Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His Orchestra* – Barrelhouse, Boogie And The Blues ‎ (LP, Mono)

Capitol Records 1955

The Morse Code

‎ (LP, Album, Mono)

Capitol Records 1957

Herbie Mann, Ella Mae Morse and Jimmy GiuffreSessions, Live ‎ (LP, Album)

Calliope (3) 1976

Singles & EPs

The Patty Cake Man / Invitation To The Blues

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1944

Freddie Slack With Rhythm Section* And Ella Mae Morse With Don RayeThe House Of Blue Lights / Hey Mr. Postman ‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1946

Ella Mae Morse And Freddie Slack With Rhythm Section* – Your Conscience Tells You So / Pig Foot Pete ‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1946

A Little Further Down The Road A Piece / Bombo B. Bailey

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1948

The Blacksmith Blues / Love Me Or Leave Me

◄ (2 versions)

Capitol Records 1952

Oakie Boogie

‎ (7″)

Capitol Records 1952


‎ (7″)

Capitol Records 1953

What Good’ll It Do Me / Mister Memory Maker

‎ (7″, Promo)

Capitol Records 1957

Tennessee Ernie* And Ella Mae Morse With Cliffie Stone’s Orchestra* – I’m Hog-Tied Over You / False Hearted Girl ◄ (2 versions)

Capitol Records Unknown

Happy Habit / Goodnight, Sweetheart Godnight

‎ (7″, Single)

Capitol Records Unknown

A’Sleepin’ At The Foot Of The Bed / Male Call

‎ (Shellac, 10″, Promo)

Capitol Records Unknown

Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His MusicRazzle-Dazzle / Seventeen ‎ (7″)

Capitol Records Unknown

An Occasional Man

‎ (7″)

Capitol Records Unknown

Ella Mae Morse With Nelson Riddle And His OrchestraBig Mamou / Is It Any Wonder ‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records Unknown

Connee Boswell* / Ella Mae MorseStormy Weather / Invitation To The Blues / Cow Cow Boogie ‎ (Shellac, 12″)

V Disc Unknown

Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His MusicRazzle-Dazzle / Seventeen ‎ (10″)

Capitol Records Unknown


Ella Mae Morse / Freddie SlackThe Hits Of ◄ (3 versions)

Capitol Records 1962

Ella Mae Morse / Freddie SlackRockin’ Brew ‎ (LP, Comp)

Ember Records 1969


‎ (LP, Comp)

Capitol Records 1985

Ella Mae Morse

‎ (7″, EP, Comp)


Honking Duck:


Discographia – Filmografia:

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Cow Cow Boogie – From Reveille with Beverly 1943:

Nevermore? – From Ghost Catchers 1944-

Blacksmith Blues w Donald Duck 1952:

Also appeared in feature films – The Sky’s the Limit (1943), South of Dixie (1944), How Doooo you Do (trailer w ella singin a little here – – (1945), and Hit and Run (1957) –

On TV – Songs for sale (1952), Ed Sullivan Show (1955), and Startime (1960) – and in the Soundie Swing High, Swing Low (1946) – Hopefully some of these have survived.




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Texas State Historical Association:

Discographia (In Spanish):

Page From “Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock & Roll” p.27, 34-35, 38, 2224, 228, 343-345, 349:

Page From “All Over the Map: True Heroes of Texas Music p. 40-42:

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Mister Five by Five – 1942:

Get on Board Little Chillun – 1942:

The Patty Cake Man 1942:

Old Rob Roy – 1943:

Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quite – 1943:

Solid Potato Salad – 1943:

Hello, Suzanne – 1944:

Buzz Me -1945:

Rip Van Winkle – 1945:

Captain Kid – 1945:

Your Conscience Says it’s So – 1946:

House of Blue Lights – w Freddie Slack- 1945:

First Rock Song?, First use of the word “homey” in a song?

Invitation to the Blues -1946:

Pig Foot Pete – 1947:

Old Shanks Mare – 1947:

Get Off it and Go -1947:

Tennessee Saturday Night – 1951:

Oakey Boogie – 1951:

Blacksmith Blues – 1952:

It’s Rainin’ Tear Drops From My Eyes – 1953:

Male Call – 1952:

False Hearted Girl  w Tennessee Ernie Ford – 1952:

I’m Hog Tied over You – 1952:

Jump Back – 1952:

I’m a Rich Woman –  1953:

Money Honey – 1954:

40 Cups of Coffee – 1954:

How Can You Leave a Man Like This? – 1954:

Rock Me All Night Long – 1954:

5-10-15 Hours – 1954:

Have Mercy on Me Baby – 1954:

Down in Mexico – 1956:

When Boy Kiss Girl Its Love – 1955:

Smack Dab in the Middle -1955:

Razzle Dazzle – 1955:

Piddily Patter Patter – 1955:

Livin’ Livin’ Livin’ – 1955:

Give Me Love – 1956:

What Good’ll it do Me – 1957:

Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive – 1957: