Sister Rosetta Tharpe


Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Born Rosetta Nubin : March 20, 1915, Cotton Plant Arkansas

Died: October 9th, 1973, Philadelphia, PA

Gospel, Blues, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Folk- 30’s,40’s, 50’s, 60’s


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Shout Sister Shout, Lonesome Road, Four or Five Times soundies – w Lucky Millinder 1941:

In the Garden w Delois Barrett Campbell  and Alfred Miller:

Short History including down by the riverside? :

His Eye on the Sparrow 1960:

Old Time Religion 1960:

When the Saints, Up Above My head 1960:

Up Above My Head 1963?:

He’s Mine, Precious Memories, This Train – with Otis Spahn on piano- 1964:

Didn’t it Rain, Trouble in Mind – @ Alexandria Park Station 1964:

Didn’t it Rain, Joshua 1964:

That’s All, Didn’t It Rain – France 1960:

Down By the Riverside 1965:

Gayle Ward on the Legacy of Sister Rosetta Tharpe 2011:




 Encyclopedia of Arkansas:

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Shout Sister Shout – Gayle Wald 2007:

Wald, G. (2007). Shout, sister, shout!: The untold story of rock-and-roll trailblazer Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Boston: Beacon Press.

NYT Review:

Project Muse Repost –  Rosetta Tharpe and Feminist “Un-Forgetting” –  Gayle Wald –

Journal of Women’s History
Volume 21, Number 4, Winter 2009
pp. 157-160 | 10.1353/jowh.0.0102

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Let that Liar Alone 1943:

What is the Soul of Man 1944:

Two little fishes and Five Loaves of Bread 1944:

Dont Take Everybody to Be Your Friend 1946:

Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down 1947:

Everybody’s Gonna Have a Wonderful Time 1947:

Ninety nine and a Half Wont Due 1949:

So High – live (at her wedding?)1951:

I Was Healed – w Marie Knight 1950:

Ella Mae Morse


Ella Mae Morse

Born: September 12, 1924 Mansfield, TX

Died: October 16, 1999 Bullhead City, AZ

Jazz, Vocals, Jump Blues, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Rockabilly, Rock, Boogie, Barrelhouse – 40’s, 50’s




Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His Orchestra* – Barrelhouse, Boogie And The Blues ◄ (2 versions)

Capitol Records 1954

Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His Orchestra* – Barrelhouse, Boogie And The Blues ‎ (LP, Mono)

Capitol Records 1955

The Morse Code

‎ (LP, Album, Mono)

Capitol Records 1957

Herbie Mann, Ella Mae Morse and Jimmy GiuffreSessions, Live ‎ (LP, Album)

Calliope (3) 1976

Singles & EPs

The Patty Cake Man / Invitation To The Blues

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1944

Freddie Slack With Rhythm Section* And Ella Mae Morse With Don RayeThe House Of Blue Lights / Hey Mr. Postman ‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1946

Ella Mae Morse And Freddie Slack With Rhythm Section* – Your Conscience Tells You So / Pig Foot Pete ‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1946

A Little Further Down The Road A Piece / Bombo B. Bailey

‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records 1948

The Blacksmith Blues / Love Me Or Leave Me

◄ (2 versions)

Capitol Records 1952

Oakie Boogie

‎ (7″)

Capitol Records 1952


‎ (7″)

Capitol Records 1953

What Good’ll It Do Me / Mister Memory Maker

‎ (7″, Promo)

Capitol Records 1957

Tennessee Ernie* And Ella Mae Morse With Cliffie Stone’s Orchestra* – I’m Hog-Tied Over You / False Hearted Girl ◄ (2 versions)

Capitol Records Unknown

Happy Habit / Goodnight, Sweetheart Godnight

‎ (7″, Single)

Capitol Records Unknown

A’Sleepin’ At The Foot Of The Bed / Male Call

‎ (Shellac, 10″, Promo)

Capitol Records Unknown

Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His MusicRazzle-Dazzle / Seventeen ‎ (7″)

Capitol Records Unknown

An Occasional Man

‎ (7″)

Capitol Records Unknown

Ella Mae Morse With Nelson Riddle And His OrchestraBig Mamou / Is It Any Wonder ‎ (Shellac, 10″)

Capitol Records Unknown

Connee Boswell* / Ella Mae MorseStormy Weather / Invitation To The Blues / Cow Cow Boogie ‎ (Shellac, 12″)

V Disc Unknown

Ella Mae Morse With Big Dave And His MusicRazzle-Dazzle / Seventeen ‎ (10″)

Capitol Records Unknown


Ella Mae Morse / Freddie SlackThe Hits Of ◄ (3 versions)

Capitol Records 1962

Ella Mae Morse / Freddie SlackRockin’ Brew ‎ (LP, Comp)

Ember Records 1969


‎ (LP, Comp)

Capitol Records 1985

Ella Mae Morse

‎ (7″, EP, Comp)


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Cow Cow Boogie – From Reveille with Beverly 1943:

Nevermore? – From Ghost Catchers 1944-

Blacksmith Blues w Donald Duck 1952:

Also appeared in feature films – The Sky’s the Limit (1943), South of Dixie (1944), How Doooo you Do (trailer w ella singin a little here – – (1945), and Hit and Run (1957) –

On TV – Songs for sale (1952), Ed Sullivan Show (1955), and Startime (1960) – and in the Soundie Swing High, Swing Low (1946) – Hopefully some of these have survived.




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Texas State Historical Association:

Discographia (In Spanish):

Page From “Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock & Roll” p.27, 34-35, 38, 2224, 228, 343-345, 349:

Page From “All Over the Map: True Heroes of Texas Music p. 40-42:

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Her Sons Webpage for Ella Mae Morse:

Planet Barbarella Blog – Featuring “Swingin’ at the House of Blue Lights”
by Don Charles Hampton:

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Swing, Jazz, Blues – Scene from  Ghost Catchers (1944):


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Mister Five by Five – 1942:

Get on Board Little Chillun – 1942:

The Patty Cake Man 1942:

Old Rob Roy – 1943:

Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quite – 1943:

Solid Potato Salad – 1943:

Hello, Suzanne – 1944:

Buzz Me -1945:

Rip Van Winkle – 1945:

Captain Kid – 1945:

Your Conscience Says it’s So – 1946:

House of Blue Lights – w Freddie Slack- 1945:

First Rock Song?, First use of the word “homey” in a song?

Invitation to the Blues -1946:

Pig Foot Pete – 1947:

Old Shanks Mare – 1947:

Get Off it and Go -1947:

Tennessee Saturday Night – 1951:

Oakey Boogie – 1951:

Blacksmith Blues – 1952:

It’s Rainin’ Tear Drops From My Eyes – 1953:

Male Call – 1952:

False Hearted Girl  w Tennessee Ernie Ford – 1952:

I’m Hog Tied over You – 1952:

Jump Back – 1952:

I’m a Rich Woman –  1953:

Money Honey – 1954:

40 Cups of Coffee – 1954:

How Can You Leave a Man Like This? – 1954:

Rock Me All Night Long – 1954:

5-10-15 Hours – 1954:

Have Mercy on Me Baby – 1954:

Down in Mexico – 1956:

When Boy Kiss Girl Its Love – 1955:

Smack Dab in the Middle -1955:

Razzle Dazzle – 1955:

Piddily Patter Patter – 1955:

Livin’ Livin’ Livin’ – 1955:

Give Me Love – 1956:

What Good’ll it do Me – 1957:

Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive – 1957:

La Lupe


La Lupe

Born:  Guadalupe Victoria Yoli Raymond – Santiago de Cuba, Cuba December 23, 1939

Died: Bronx, New York City, New York February 29, 1992

Latin Soul, Latin Jazz, Boleros, Guarachas, Salsa  – 60’s, 70’s


Original LPs[edit]

This section is believed to be complete:

  • Con el Diablo en el cuerpo 1960 Discuba LP
  • La Lupe is back 1961
  • Mongo introduces La Lupe 1963
  • The King swings, the incredible Lupe sings 1965 (with Tito Puente)
  • Tú y yo 1965 (with Tito Puente)
  • Homenaje a Rafael Hernández 1966 (with Tito Puente)
  • La Lupe y su alma venezolana 1966
  • A mí me llaman La Lupe 1966
  • The King and I 1967 (with Tito Puente)
  • The Queen does her own thing 1967
  • Two sides of La Lupe 1968
  • Queen of Latin soul 1968
  • La Lupe’s era 1968
  • La Lupe is the Queen 1969
  • Definitely la Yiyiyi 1969
  • That genius called the Queen 1970
  • La Lupe en Madrid 1971
  • Stop, I’m free again 1972
  • ¿Pero cómo va ser? 1973
  • Un encuentro con La Lupe – with Curet Alonso 1974
  • One of a kind 1977
  • La pareja 1978 (with Tito Puente)
  • En algo nuevo 1980. Last original album


This section is not complete.

  • Lo mejor de la Lupe Compilation, 1974
  • Apasionada Compilation, 1978
  • La Lupe: too much 1989. Compilation from Tico recordings only, by Charly Records LP HOT 123
  • Dance with the Queen 2008
  • La Lupe greatest hits 2008

Religious albums 1986–89[edit]

  • La samaritana
  • Te amo porque me amaste primero
  • Dios no es hombre para que mienta
  • La Lupe en Cristo


  • La Lupe: my life, my destiny: theatrical production by Carmen Rivera (2001).
  • La Lupe: Queen of Latin Soul film by Ela Troyano (2003; 2007) – PBS Independent Lens

  • La Reina, La Lupe by Rafael Albertori (2003).

From Website:

We Are Music FM:


60’s en Panama:

Early 60’s – El Caronero, La salve Plenea – Myrta Silva Show:

Don’t Play that Song for Me, My Way – mike Douglas Show 1971:

In Central Park:

La Tirana:

Popurrit De Exitos:

Salsa en La Calle:

Early 70’s:

En Show del Gallo_

Dick Cavett Show 1974:


Late 70’s w charlie palmieri?:


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American Sabor:

Music Geist:

Art in Base:

Donald Clarke:


You Mix:


Moreno-Velázquez, J. A., & Restrepo, C. J. (2003). Desmitificación de una diva: La verdad sobre La Lupe. San Juan: Grupo Editorial Norma. – Spanish

Demystifying a Diva: The truth Behind the Myth of La Lupe: Juan A. Moreno-Velázquez 2013 – English

Fire King Review:

Celeb TV Review:

La, L., & Cain, J. (1969). “La Lupe” es la reina!!: “La Lupe” the queen!!. S.l.: Tico.

Rivera, C. (2008). La Lupe: my life, my destiny. Alexandria, VA: Alexander Street Press.

La lupe. (2013). S.l.: Book On Demand Ltd.

Page From Latin’s in the United States:

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Unzile Ozge Kicali  gender in music paper on La Lupe and Janis Joplin 2010:

Latin Jazz Archive – 2000 Latin Beat Article:

Afrocuban Web:

Cuban History:

Havana Times 2013:


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2011 Being Latino Article:

Taste Kid:

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NPR 2011:

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Salsa Magazine:

2001 NYT article:

Find A Grave:

NYT Obituary:


I Miss You So – 1962:

Con El Diablo en el Cuerpo – 1962:

Fever – 1962:

Guajira w Tito Puente – 1965?:

La Reina w Tito Puente – 1965?:

Besito Pa Ti – 1964?:




Punk, Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Britpop, Indie – 80’s, 90’s, – London, England

Miki Bereyni – Guitar, Vocals – March 18, 1967

Formerly in the Bugs and the Lillies

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage….. Miki w Tanya and Kristin of Throwing Muses      Image……w Kat and Maureen of Babes in Toyland

tumblr_mhps2s8ScB1qbm479o1_400 click to play and read lips

Emma Anderson – Guitar and Vocals – June 10, 1967

Formerly in the Rover Girls, Later in Sing Sing


Phil King – Bass – April 28, 1960


Chris Acland – drums – Sept. 7, 1966 – October, 17 1996


Former Members Meriel Barham (Later the Pale Saints) – vocals and Steve Rippon – Bass


Studio albums[edit]

Title Release date Format Label Code UK Albums Chart[8] UK Indie[9] USBillboard 200[10]
Scar (mini-album) 9 October 1989 LP/CD 4AD JAD 911 3
Spooky 27 January 1992 LP/CD/double-10″/C CAD 2002 7
Split 13 June 1994 LP/CD/C CAD 4011 19 195
Lovelife 4 March 1996 LP/CD/C CAD 6004 8 189


Title Release Date Format Release Label Code
Gala 3 December 1990 LP/CD/C Worldwide 4AD CAD 0017
Cookie December 1994 CD Japan Nippon Columbia COCY-78365
Topolino August 1996 CD (9 tracks) Japan Nippon Columbia COCY-80351
Topolino August 1997 CD (12 tracks) Canada Polygram/4AD 76974 2110 2
Ciao! Best of Lush 19 March 2001 CD Worldwide 4AD GAD 2K22 CD

Singles and EPs[edit]

Title Release date Format Code UK Singles Chart[8] US Modern Rock Album
Mad Love EP 26 February 1990 12″/CD/C BAD 0003 55
“Sweetness and Light” 15 October 1990 7″/12″/CD/C BAD 0013 47 4 Gala
“De-Luxe” March 1991 Radio promo CD PRO-CD-4662 14
“Nothing Natural”/Black Spring EP 7 October 1991 7″/C//12″/CD BAD 1016 43 Spooky
“Nothing Natural” 29 October 1991 CD 9 40231-2 (US only) 22
“For Love” 30 December 1991 10″/12″/CD/C BAD 2001 35 9
“Superblast!” February 1992 Radio promo CD PRO-CD-5471
“Hypocrite” 30 May 1994 7″/12″/CD BAD 4008 52 Split
“Desire Lines” 30 May 1994 7″/12″/CD BAD 4010 60
“Single Girl” 8 January 1996 7″/2xCD 1 BAD 6001 21 Lovelife
“Ladykillers” 26 February 1996 7″/2xCD 1 BAD 6002 22 18
“500 (Shake Baby Shake)” 15 July 1996 7″/2xCD 1 BAD 6009 21

Light From A Dead Star:


Selected Show Videos:

35 Full Shows on Youtube!!!!!:

Coolerthanjesus: 33 full shoes:

Snub TV – Etheriel 1990:

Request Video Interview 1990:

Rapito TV 1990:

Egham, UK 3/3/1990:

Manchester 3/16 & 6/28/1990 Full Shows:

Sweetness and Light Video:

London 5/25/1990 Full Show:

Video Wave interview 1990:

Live At the dome 1991: Ocean, Sweetness and Light

Lillle, France 10/18/1991:

For Love Video 1991:

On Rock Steady 1991:

De-luxe Video 1991:

Union Square San Francisco 4/15/1992:

stage cam –

crowd cam –

stage right –

stage left –

Lollapalooza interview Toronto 1992:

Superblast! video 1992:

On Up the Junction 1992:

Nothing Natural Video 1992:

Covert Live on MTV 1992:

Dennis Miller Show 1992: For Love

London Full Show 9/11/1993:

1994? interview:

MTV Interview 1994:

Hypocrite Video:

Desire Lines Video 1994:

Hypocrite on Conan 7/25/1994:

Houston Full Show 8/11/94:

1996 interview austin music network:

Japanese TV Promo’s:

VJing? channel four show 1996:

Ladykillers Video 1996:

Ladykillers on Hotel babylon 1996:

1996 First Cut Tv: Ladykillers, 500

Single Girl Video 1996:

500 (Shake Baby Shake) 1996:

Fillmore San Francisco 9/7/1996 Full Show- Elvis wishes Chris happy bday-:



Quimby Lush History 1993:




Trouser Press:


Contemporary Musicians: Musicians



Full? Gigography:

i saw that kennel club, ibeam and slim’s shows 🙂



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2013 Under the Radar Interview with Miki Bereyni

Light From a Dead Star:

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assorted memorobilia – (over 250 articles)

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NYT  review 1990:

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1994 Miki interview:

Old interview:

1994 lush review and interview, Chicago:

NME 1998 – Lush Officially Split:

2010 Emma Interview:

Record Collector Article:

li’l lush article 1998:

Guarduan article on Chris Acland’s Suicide and Miki’s response:

2012 Emma Anderson Interview:

Guitar Goddess:



Evenings with Sing Sing:




1988 demo with Meriel Barham on Vocals:

Leaves Me Cold, Childcatcher, Breeze : Peel Session 1990

Thoughtforms 1990: w space images:

Baby Talk, Scarlet, Bitter, Monochrome- Live in Paris 1991:

Laura – 1992

Lovelife – 1996