Young Marble Giants

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Young Marble Giants

Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, Electronic, Minimalist,

70’s, 80’s,

Cardiff, Wales

Former, Future?, website:

Alison Statton – Vocals later in Weekend, Divine and Statton and Alison Statton and Spike


Phillip Moxham – Bass later in Weekend, the Communards and Everything But the Girl


Stuart Moxham –  Guitar later in the Gist


Peter Joyce – Keyboards





  • Final Day (June 1980)
    • Reached No. 6 on the UK Indie Chart
  • Testcard E.P. EP (March 1981)
    • Reached No. 2 on the UK Indie Chart


  • Peel Sessions (1991)
  • Live at the Hurrah! (2004)


  • Salad Days (2000)
    • Compilation of demo versions from Colossal Youth and Testcard



Wurlitzer Jukebox 1980 BBC4:

Brand New Life 1980:

Colossal Youth, Credit in the Straight World Live @ Harrah’s 1980:

Alright 2013:

Final Day, Music for Evenings 2007:

Salad Days, Credit in The Straight World, Include Me Out, Choci Loni, The Man Amplifier 2008 Barcelona:

Eating Noddemix 2007:

Credit in the Straight World 2010:

Cake Walking 2010:

Final Day, Searching for Mr Right 2010:

Searching For Mr. Right 2012:

Final Day 2012:

Salad Days 2013:

Eating Noddemix, Final Day 2013 Cologne:

2013 Interview:


Music Tonic:

You Repeat:


You Zeek:

OV Guide:

Network Awesome:

Shelf 3D: MARBLE GIANTS choci loni 1980


Moxham, S., & Smith, W. (1980). Young marble giants: Words and pictures. S.l.: Better Badges.

Young, M. G. (2007). Colossal youth & collected works. S.l.: s.n..

YMG section of Rip it up and Start Again:

YMG section in The Great Indie Discography:


Little History of YMG:



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8 Tracks:

Bop FM:

Tape Attack – Peel Sessions:

Internet Archive: marble giants

1980 Peel Session:

Colossal Youth Full Album:

Full Show Berkeley 1980:

Collected Works:

Whole Test Card EP:

La Veriete Whole Album

The Raincoats

    images-40images-37   images-35images-31images-30images-39        images-41   images-28 images-27 images-26 images-25 images-24 images-23 images-22 images-21  images-19  images-17 images-16 images-15 imgres-16 imgres-15 imgres-14  imgres-12  imgres-10  imgres-8   images-53 images-52         imgres-7images-43images-38images-44

The Raincoats

Punk, Post-Punk, Indie, Alternative, Pre-Riot Grrrl College Radio, 70’s, 80′, 90’s, London

Ana da Silva – Vocals, Guitar – also in Dorothy


Gina Birch – Born 1955  – Vocals, Bass – also in Dorothy, the Hangovers


Vicky Aspinall – Born 1956 – (1978-84) – Violin – also in Dorothy


Anne Wood (1994- ) – Violin


Palmolive aka Palmolive Romero (1978-79) – Drums


Ingrid Weiss (1979-80) – Drums – Later in Kitty, Daisy and Lewis





  • 1983 – Animal Rhapsody
  • 1994 – Extended Play


  • 1979 – “Fairytale in the Supermarket” / “In Love” / “Adventures Close to Home”
  • 1982 – “No One’s Little Girl” / “Running Away” (No. 47)
  • 1983 – “Animal Rhapsody” / “No One’s Little Girl” / “Honey Mad Woman”
  • 1996 – “Don’t Be Mean” / “Vicious” / “I Keep Walking”

Tracks on compilations

  • 1980 – “In Love” on Wanna Buy A Bridge?Rough Trade
  • 1981 – “Shouting Out Loud” on C81 cassette released by New Musical Express magazine
  • 1990 – “No One’s Little Girl” on A Constant Source of InterruptionRough Trade
  • 1993 – “In Love” on Lipstick Traces – compiled by Greil Marcus author of In the Fascist BathroomRough Trade
  • 1995 – “Off Duty Trip” on Razor and Tie MusicRazor and Tie
  • 1995 – “In Love” on UpsalapaloozaWFMU
  • 1996 – “Pretty” on Buy Product 2Geffen Records
  • 1999 – “No One’s Little Girl” on Postpunk Chronicles: Left of the DialRhino Records
  • 2001 – “Fairytale in the Supermarket” on Rough Trade Shops 25 yearsRough Trade
  • 2003 – “Lola” on Rough Trade Shops Post Punk 01Rough Trade
  • 2003 – “Animal Rhapsody” on Chicken Lips DJ Kicks!K7
  • 2004 – “Fairytale in the Supermarket” on Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the ’80s Underground
  • 2006 – “Only Loved at Night” on Rip it Up – compiled by Simon Reynolds author of Rip it Up and Start Again
  • 2006 – “Monk Chant” on Silver Monk Time
  • 2006 – “Shouting Out Loud” on Girl MonsterChicks on Speed

From Website


Singles & EPs

Loving Feeling 2 versions Blue Guitar Records 1988
Still Waiting 7 versions Chrysalis 1988 5
Reflections 3 versions Cooltempo 1989 3


Dorothy(CD, Smplr) Blue Guitar Records AZPCD1 1988

The Hangovers:



  • “Soho” (1997), Rough Trade
  • “Duck Nonsense” (1998), Smoke
  • Mailorder Freak 7″ Singles Club May 1998: “Sitting On Top Of The World”/”We Had A Really Smashing Time” (1998), Kill Rock Stars

Ana De Silva:



2004 – “In Awe of a Painting” / “Litany”




Music Tonic:

Fairytale in the Supermarket Video 1979:

Only Loved At Night on BBC4 1981?:

Go Away, No Side to Fall live 1992? probably 1981:

Don’t Be Mean Video 1996:

Dont Be Mean 2009: National Portrait Gallery:

No Looking 2009?:

Fairytale in a Supermarket 2009 in San Francisco:

2009 LLGFF:

Feminist Song, interview, Vindictive, the Void – Live at MOMA 2010:

Whole Show Great American San Francisco 2012:


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Who Sampled:’-Away/

Scene Roller:






Second Hand Songs:






Internet Archive:

Peel Sessions:

Whole First Album 1979:

All of Odyshape 1981:

No One’s Little Girl 1983:

Honey Mad Woman 1983:

Live 1983- The Raincoats (live) – The Kitchen Tapes (1983)
12 – Puberty Song
13 – No Side To Fall In
14 – Honey Mad Woman:

Rainstorm 1984:

Overheard 1984:

Balloon 1984:

Shouting Out Loud 1994:

You Ask Why 1996:

I Keep Walking 1996:

You Kill Me 1996:

Kate Bush


Kate Bush

Born: Catherine Bush July 30, 1958, Welling, Kent, England

New Wave, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Baroque Pop, Experimental Rock, Vocals, Piano, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Violin



Main article: Kate Bush discography





List of TV Appearances:

The Line The Cross and the Curve:

Music Tonic:



Network Awesome – 1978 christmas special, 1980 german doc.:


Meta Cafe:

Pop Video- Vimeo:

Them Heavy People, Interview, Moving on Saturday Night at the Mill 1978:

Wuthering Heights Videos 1978:

1978 Interview:

Live Efteling 1978:

Full Show Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1979:

The Man With the Child in His Eyes Video 1978:

Kite and Wuthering Hieghts Live on German TV 1978:

Them Heavy People Video 1978:

Wuthering Heights on Top of the Pops 1978:

Them Heavy People on Revolver 1978:

In The Warm Room Live in Germany 1979:

Wow Video 1978:

Wow on French TV 1978:

Hammer Horror Video 1978:

Kashka From Bagdad on Ask Aspel 1978:

Interview on Irish TV 1978:

Lionheart 1978:

Lionheart Release Party 1978:

The Man With the Child in His Eyes on SNL 1978:

Hammer Horror, Interview on Countdown Australian TV 1978:

Moving Live in Japan 1978:

Them Heavy People on Japanese TV, kinda, and She’s Leaving Home, The Long and Winding Road 1978:

1979 BBC Special, Violin:

Wow on the Kenny Everett Show 1979:

1979 Documentary about tour:

Moving, Saxophone Song, James and the Cold Gun, Feel It, Kite Live in Sweden 1979:

Musical Chairs Interview 1979:

On Swap Shop 1979:

1980 Documentary:

Babooshka Video 1980:

Babooshka on RockPop 1980:

Countdown Interview 1980:

Babooshka on Dr. Hook Special 1980:

Breathing Video 1980:

News Interview about Breathing 1980:

Army Dreamers Video 1980:

Army Dreamers on Rock Pop 1980:

Profiles in Rock Canadian TV 1980:

December Will Be Magic Again 1980:

Delia Smith Cookery Show 1980:

Sat In Your Lap Video 1982:

Sat in Your Lap on Top of the Pops 1982:

There Goes a Tenner 1982:

Razzamatazz Interview 1981:

BBC Interview 1981:

Suspended in Gaffa Video 1982:

Suspended in Gaffa on French TV 1982:

Get Out of My House Video:

1982 Interview:

The Dreaming Video 1982:

The Dreaming on Na Sowas German TV 1982:

1982 BBC Interview:

Old Grey Whistle Stop Interview 1982:

The Wedding List 1982:

Breathing @ Comic Relief 1986:

Cloudbursting Video 1985:

MTV Interview 1985:

Running Up That Hill Video1985:

Running Up That Hill on TV Show 1985:

Running Up THat Hill on French TV 1985:

Running up That Hill on Italian TV 1985:

Running Up That Hill Top of the Pops 1985:

120 Minutes 1985:

On Night Flight 1985:

Waking the Witch Video 1985:

Hounds of Love Video 1985:

Hounds of Love on Top of the Pops 1985:

The Big Sky Video 1985:

The Big Sky on Peter’s Pop Show 1985:

Don’t Give Up w Peter Gabriel 1986:

Eat the Music 1986:

1986 Comic Relief w Rowan Atkinson:

This Woman’s Work Video 1987:

This Woman’s Work Command Performance 1990:

Running Up That Hill Live w David Gilmour 1987:

Under the Ivy on the Tube 1988:

THe Sensual World Video 1989:

Dutch TV 1989?

Love and Anger Video 1990:

1990 French TV Interview:

Rocket Man Video 1991:

The Line, The Cross and The Curve 1993:

This Woman’s Work Special 1993:

The Red Shoes Video 1993:

Rubberband Girl 1993:

Moments of Pleasure Video 1993:

Moments of Pleasure on MTV 1993;

Why Should I Love You – Heart in a Cage 1993:

1993 Ego’s and Icons Interview:

1993 Interview:

1993 Johnny Walker Interview:

1993 Talk Show:

And So is Love Top of the Pops 1994:

Good Morning with Anne and Nick 1994:

Queens of British Pop 2009:

2001 Q Awards:

Ariel Video 2005:

A Choral Room Video 2005:

Lake Tahoe Video 2011:

Deeper Understanding Video 2011:

Lake Tahoe Video 2011:

Rubberband Girl Directors Cut w Sylvie Guillem:

Queen of Pop 2011 German Doc:

2012 South Bank Award:


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Kate – news (first of 12 pages)

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This essay was published in: Tracking: Popular Music Studies,
vol. 1, no. 1 (Spring, 1988):

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1978, 1978, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982 Melody Maker Interviews:

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Brainy Quote:



History of Demos:

Spinning Rarities:


Dali 1977?:

Something Like a Song 1977?:

Pick the Rare Flower 1977?:

Coffee Homeground 1978:

All We Ever Look For 1980:

The Infant Kiss 1980:

Pull Out the Pin 1982:

Leave it Open Alternative Version 1982;

Ne T’enfuis Pas 1983:

Jig of Life 1985:

The Morning Fog 1985:

Big Stripey Lie 1993:

Poly Styrene, Lora Logic (X-Ray Spex, Essential Logic)

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagetumblr_mtjpffw7u61rdgtxwo1_500  tumblr_mt6qu8Vio01rs15feo1_500 tumblr_ms97bvk8ws1s1qrjao1_500 tumblr_mo1r66raXO1qiryaxo1_400 tumblr_mwo2hfwezk1rs15feo1_1280 X Ray SpexImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagetumblr_msd9ou0t7n1snzy7wo1_500ImageImageImage

X-Ray Spex

Punk, New Wave, London, 70’s

Poly Styrene aka Marianne Joan Elliott-Said – Vocals – Born July 3rd, 1957, Bromley, Kent – Died April 25th, 2011, Sussex, England


Lora Logic aka Susan Whitby  Born 1960 – Saxophone, Vocals (1977) – Later in Essential Logic and Red Crayon with Art & Language


Jak Airport aka Jack Stafford – Guitars- formerly in Puncture, later in Classix Nouveaux, Airport and Dean


Paul Dean – Bass – Later in Classix Nouveaux, Airport and Dean

Paul “B.P.” Hurding – Drums -Later in Classix Nouveaux

Steve (Rudy) Thompson – Saxophone 1978-1979 – Later in the Members

Essential Logic:


Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave – 70’s, 80’s – London

Lora Logic – Vocals

Phil Legg – Guitar and Vocals

William Bennett – Guitar – Later in Whitehouse

Marc Turner – Bass

Rich Tea – Drums

David Wright – Saxophone


X-Ray Spex:



  • Oh Bondage Up Yours!” / “I Am A Cliché” (September 1977: Virgin Records, VS 189); also released as a 12″ single (VS 189–12)
  • “The Day The World Turned Day-Glo” / “I Am A Poseur” (March 1978: EMI International, INT 553) – No. 23 UK Singles Chart[35]
  • “Identity” / “Let’s Submerge” (July 1978: EMI International, INT 563) – No. 24 UK
  • “Germfree Adolescents” / “Age” (October 1978: EMI International, INT 573) – No. 19 UK
  • “Highly Inflammable” / “Warrior in Woolworths” (April 1979: EMI International, INT 583) – No. 45 UK

Appearances on various artist compilations (selective)[edit]

Listing of those various artist compilation albums mentioned in the text of the main article:

Polly Styrene Solo:



  • God’s & Godesses (Awesome, 1986)[30]


  • “Silly Billy”/”What A Way” — as Mari Elliot (GTO, 1976)[10]
  • “Talk In Toytown”/”Sub Tropical” (United Artists, 1980)[31]
  • “City Of Christmas Ghosts” — Goldblade featuring Poly Styrene (Damaged Goods, 2008)[32]
  • “Black Christmas” (2010)[19]
  • “Virtual Boyfriend” (2011)[21]
  • “Ghoulish” (2011)

Essential Logic:

Studio album
Singles & EPs
  • Aerosol Burns (1978)
  • Wake Up (1979)
  • Popcorn Boy Waddle Ya Do? (1979)
  • Music Is A Better Noise (1980)
  • Eugene (1980)
  • Fanfare In The Garden (1981)
  • Essential Logic (1981)
  • Fanfare in the Garden (2003)

Lora Logic Solo:


Pedigree Charm

‎ ◄ (5 versions)Rough Trade19825

Singles & EPs

Wonderful Offer

‎ ◄ (2 versions)Rough Trade1981

Record Collector:


From Poly’s Website:

Musictonic: – Videos

Meta Cafe:

Pop Video:

Oh Bondage Up Yours 1977:

Interview with Poly Styrene November 1977- for Countdown (Australian TV?):

Who is Poly Styrene? –BBC 4  Documentary- 1979:

World Turned Day-Glo – Top of the Pops? 1978:

I Live Off You, Genetic Engineering, Warrior in Woolworths – Old Grey Whistle Stop 1978:

1978 Interview:

Live @ the Hope and Anchor- The London Weekend Show – Art-I-Ficial, Oh Bondage; Up Yours, Genetic Engineering, World Turned Day-Glo:

Warrior in Woolworths 1978:

Oh, Bondage Up Yours 1978:

Germ Free Adolecent – Top of the Pops – 1978:

Identity – Music Video 1978:

Essential logic Live 1979:

Trick of the Witch 1983:

Women in Punk Segment from Punk Attitude:

X-Ray Spex segment from “The Punk Years”:

Black Christmas Video 2010:

Ghoulish 2011:

Interview about Generation Indigo 2011:



Poly’s Punk Party:



Trouser Press:

All Music:

Kill Rock Stars Essential Logic Page:

Art Bear – Essential Logic:


Poly and Lora’s chapter in Cinderella’s Bid Score – Maria Raha –

This is coming out soon? :

X-ray spex. (2013). S.l.: Book On Demand Ltd.

Around the Web:

X-Ray Specs Site:

Band Bios –


Poly Website:

Essential Logic Site:

1978 NME Article:



2003 Guardian Article:

2003 Interview with Lora Logic:

2005 Interview with Poly Styrene:

Review of 2008 Show:

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What a Way – Mari Elliott – 1976:

Art-I-Ficial John Peel Version:

Plastic Bag 1977:

I Am a Cliche 1977:

Cigarettes 1995:

Kitsch 2010:

Code Pink Dub 2011:

Essential Logic:

World Friction 1978:

Music is a Better Noise – video – 1980:

Shabby Abbot 1979:

Popcorn Boy 1979:

Wake Up 1979:

Pedigree Charm:

Chrystal Gazing 1982:




Punk, Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Britpop, Indie – 80’s, 90’s, – London, England

Miki Bereyni – Guitar, Vocals – March 18, 1967

Formerly in the Bugs and the Lillies

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage….. Miki w Tanya and Kristin of Throwing Muses      Image……w Kat and Maureen of Babes in Toyland

tumblr_mhps2s8ScB1qbm479o1_400 click to play and read lips

Emma Anderson – Guitar and Vocals – June 10, 1967

Formerly in the Rover Girls, Later in Sing Sing


Phil King – Bass – April 28, 1960


Chris Acland – drums – Sept. 7, 1966 – October, 17 1996


Former Members Meriel Barham (Later the Pale Saints) – vocals and Steve Rippon – Bass


Studio albums[edit]

Title Release date Format Label Code UK Albums Chart[8] UK Indie[9] USBillboard 200[10]
Scar (mini-album) 9 October 1989 LP/CD 4AD JAD 911 3
Spooky 27 January 1992 LP/CD/double-10″/C CAD 2002 7
Split 13 June 1994 LP/CD/C CAD 4011 19 195
Lovelife 4 March 1996 LP/CD/C CAD 6004 8 189


Title Release Date Format Release Label Code
Gala 3 December 1990 LP/CD/C Worldwide 4AD CAD 0017
Cookie December 1994 CD Japan Nippon Columbia COCY-78365
Topolino August 1996 CD (9 tracks) Japan Nippon Columbia COCY-80351
Topolino August 1997 CD (12 tracks) Canada Polygram/4AD 76974 2110 2
Ciao! Best of Lush 19 March 2001 CD Worldwide 4AD GAD 2K22 CD

Singles and EPs[edit]

Title Release date Format Code UK Singles Chart[8] US Modern Rock Album
Mad Love EP 26 February 1990 12″/CD/C BAD 0003 55
“Sweetness and Light” 15 October 1990 7″/12″/CD/C BAD 0013 47 4 Gala
“De-Luxe” March 1991 Radio promo CD PRO-CD-4662 14
“Nothing Natural”/Black Spring EP 7 October 1991 7″/C//12″/CD BAD 1016 43 Spooky
“Nothing Natural” 29 October 1991 CD 9 40231-2 (US only) 22
“For Love” 30 December 1991 10″/12″/CD/C BAD 2001 35 9
“Superblast!” February 1992 Radio promo CD PRO-CD-5471
“Hypocrite” 30 May 1994 7″/12″/CD BAD 4008 52 Split
“Desire Lines” 30 May 1994 7″/12″/CD BAD 4010 60
“Single Girl” 8 January 1996 7″/2xCD 1 BAD 6001 21 Lovelife
“Ladykillers” 26 February 1996 7″/2xCD 1 BAD 6002 22 18
“500 (Shake Baby Shake)” 15 July 1996 7″/2xCD 1 BAD 6009 21

Light From A Dead Star:


Selected Show Videos:

35 Full Shows on Youtube!!!!!:

Coolerthanjesus: 33 full shoes:

Snub TV – Etheriel 1990:

Request Video Interview 1990:

Rapito TV 1990:

Egham, UK 3/3/1990:

Manchester 3/16 & 6/28/1990 Full Shows:

Sweetness and Light Video:

London 5/25/1990 Full Show:

Video Wave interview 1990:

Live At the dome 1991: Ocean, Sweetness and Light

Lillle, France 10/18/1991:

For Love Video 1991:

On Rock Steady 1991:

De-luxe Video 1991:

Union Square San Francisco 4/15/1992:

stage cam –

crowd cam –

stage right –

stage left –

Lollapalooza interview Toronto 1992:

Superblast! video 1992:

On Up the Junction 1992:

Nothing Natural Video 1992:

Covert Live on MTV 1992:

Dennis Miller Show 1992: For Love

London Full Show 9/11/1993:

1994? interview:

MTV Interview 1994:

Hypocrite Video:

Desire Lines Video 1994:

Hypocrite on Conan 7/25/1994:

Houston Full Show 8/11/94:

1996 interview austin music network:

Japanese TV Promo’s:

VJing? channel four show 1996:

Ladykillers Video 1996:

Ladykillers on Hotel babylon 1996:

1996 First Cut Tv: Ladykillers, 500

Single Girl Video 1996:

500 (Shake Baby Shake) 1996:

Fillmore San Francisco 9/7/1996 Full Show- Elvis wishes Chris happy bday-:



Quimby Lush History 1993:




Trouser Press:


Contemporary Musicians: Musicians



Full? Gigography:

i saw that kennel club, ibeam and slim’s shows 🙂



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1988 demo with Meriel Barham on Vocals:

Leaves Me Cold, Childcatcher, Breeze : Peel Session 1990

Thoughtforms 1990: w space images:

Baby Talk, Scarlet, Bitter, Monochrome- Live in Paris 1991:

Laura – 1992

Lovelife – 1996

Au Pairs



Au Pairs


Punk , Post Punk, New Wave

Birmingham, England

Lesley Woods – Guitar, Vocals



Jane Munro – Bass, Vocals

Jane’s aromatherapy website –







Paul Foad – Guitar, Vocals



Pete Hammond – Drums




Singles[edit source | editbeta]

  • “You” / “Domestic Departure” / “Kerb Crawler” (021 Records, OTO 2, 1979)
  • “It’s Obvious” / “Diet” (021 Records, OTO 4, 1980)
  • “Inconvenience” / “Pretty Boys” (Human Records, HUM 8, 1981)
  • “Inconvenience” / “Pretty Boys” / “Headache For Michelle” (remix) (Human Records, HUM 8/12, 1981)

Albums[edit source | editbeta]

  • Playing with a Different Sex (Human Records, HUMAN 1, 1981) (No. 33 UK)[3]
  • Sense and Sensuality (Kamera Records, KAM 010, 1982) (No. 79 UK)[3]
  • Live in Berlin (AKA Records, AKA6, recorded 1982, released 1983)
  • Shocks to the System: The Very Best of the Au Pairs (Cherry Red, CDMRED161, 1999)
  • Equal But Different – BBC Sessions 79-81 (RPM, RPM139)
  • Sense and Sensuality (Remastered) (Castle Music, CMRCD 470, 2002)
The Castle version corrects severe errors on the original version, including the too-fast speed of the Kamera Records release.[citation needed]


Old Grey Whistle Test- 1981- Set Up –

From Urgh! it’s a Music War – 1981 – Come Again

At Pinkpop -1982 – Set Up, Dear John –

Casablanca, Swedish TV – 1982 – Sex Without Stress, America, Intact –

Lesley Woods Solo 2012- Gloria




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It’s Obvious –

You –

Kerb Crawler –

Monogamy –

Diet –

Headache for Michelle –

We’re So Cool –

Ideal Woman –

Stepping Out of Line –

What Kind of Girl –