Mildred Bailey

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Mildred Bailey

Born: Mildred Rinker February 27, 1907 (or 1900) in Tekoa, Washington

Died: December 12, 1951 Poughkeepsie, New York

Jazz, Jazz Singer, Jazz Vocals, Big Band, Swing

20’s, 30’s, 40’s

Mrs. Swing, The Rockin’ Chair Lady, Queen of Swing


Hit singles

(Vocalion releases only)

Year Single US Cat. No.
1936 For Sentimental Reasons 18 3367
More Than You Know 15 3378
1937 Trust in Me(A-side) 4 3449
“My Last Affair” (B-side) 10 3449
Where Are You? 5 3456
“Never in a Million Years” 8 3508
Rockin’ Chair 13 3553
“It’s the Natural Thing to Do” 14 3626
“Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)” 14 3712
Right or Wrong 19 3758
1938 Thanks for the Memory 11 3931
“Don’t Be That Way” 9 4016
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart 8 4083
Small Fry 9 4224
“So Help Me” 2 4253
My Reverie 10 4408
1939 “Blame It On My Last Affair” 13 4632
“Moon Love” 14 4939

Notable recordings

The following are some of Bailey’s most well-known swing recordings

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What Kind of Man is You 1929:

I Like to Do Things For You 1930:

All of Me 1931:

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 1931:

Georgia 1931:

We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye 1931:

Too Late 1931:

He’s Not Worth Your Tears 1931:

Blues in My Heart 1931:

Home 1931:

Lies 1931:

Rockin’ Chair 1932 and 1937:

I’ll Never Be the Same 1932:

Sleepy Time Down South 1932:

Dear Old Mother Dixie 1932:

Strangers 1932:

Love Me Tonight 1932:

Dance Selections from Hot-Cha 1932:

Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon 1932:

Heat Wave 1933:

Doin’ The Uptown Lowdown 1933:

Shouting in That Amen Corner 1933:

Lazy Bones 1933:

There’s a Cabin in the Pines 1933:

But I Can’t Make A Man 1933:

Emaline 1934:

Junk Man 1934:

Ol’ Pappy 1934:

Someday Sweetheart 1935:

Squeeze Me 1935:

When Day is Done 1935:

Downhearted Blues 1935:


Willow Tree 1935:

Honeysuckle Rose 1935:

Harry Richmond Radio Show 1936:

Picture Me Without You 1936:

More Than You Know 1937:

Just a Stone’s Throw From Heaven 1937:

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm 1937:

Smoke Dreams 1937:

There’s a Lull in My Life 1937:

The Moon Got in My Eyes 1937:

Where Are You? 1937:

The Morning After 1937:

It’s the Natural Thing to Do 1937:

Bob White 1937:

A Cigarette and a Silhouette 1938:

Lover Come Back To Me 1938:

As Long As You Live 1938:

After Dinner Speech 1938:

Says My Heart 1938:

I Can’t Face the Music Without Singing the Blues 1938:

I Go For That 1938:

My Melancholy Baby 1938:

Love is Here to Stay 1938:

I Used to Be Color-Blind 1938:

What Have You Got That Gets Me 1938:

If You Were in My Place 1938:

Small Fry 1938:

Have You Forgotten So Soon 1938:

Old Folks 1938:

Blame it on My Last Affair 1938:

I See Your Face Before Me 1938:

Bewildered 1938:

The Weekend of the Private Secretary 1938:

Rock it For Me 1938:

Thanks for the Memories 1938:

Don’t Be That Way 1938:

Wigwammin” 1938:

At Your Beck and Call 1938:

So Help Me 1938:

Thanks for the Memory 1938:

Please Be Kind 1938:

They’ll Be Some Changes Made 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

Barrelhouse Music 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

Arkansas Blues 1939 w Mary Lou Williams:

You Don’t Know My Mind 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

The Little Man that Wasn’t There 1939:

Don’t Dally With the Devil 1939:

Tit Willow 1939:

Darn That Dream 1939:

Make With the Kisses 1939:

I See Your Fave Before Me, The Lamp is Low 1939:

I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You 1939:

It’s Slumbertime in the Swanee 1939:

Prisoner of Love 1939 w Mary Lou Williams on Piano:

Moon Love 1939:

Three Little Fishes 1939:

I Thought About You 1939:

St. Louis Blues 1939:

Blue Rain 1939:

I Shoulda Stood in Bed 1939:

All the Things You Are 1939:

Wham (Re Bop Boom Bam) 1940:

The Complete Columbia Recordings Volume 10 1940-1941:

1. Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam) [Alternate Take]
2. Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam)
3. Little High Chairman
4. Easy to Love
5. Give Me Time
6. They Can’t Take That Away from Me
7. A Bee Gezindt
8. After All I’ve Been to You
9. Don’t Take Your Love from Me [Alternate Take][#]
10. Don’t Take Your Love from Me
11. Fools Rush In
12. From Another World
13. I’m Nobody’s Baby
14. Give Me Time
15. How Can I Ever Be Alone?
16. Tennessee Fish Fry
17. I’ll Pray for You
18. Blue (And Broken Hearted)
19. Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry [Alternate Take]
20. Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry
21. I’ll Be Around [Alternate Take][#]
22. I’ll Be Around
23. My Little Cousin

So Peaceful in the Country 1941:

I’m Afraid of Myself 1941:

Everything Depends on You 1941:

All Too Soon 1941:

Georgia on My Mind 1941:

Carolina Moon 1943:

Evelina 1944:

1944 Radio Show:

Scrap Your Fat 1943:

Jump Jump’s Here 1944:

Me and the Blues 1946:

Cry,Cry, Cry 1950:

Dixieland Clambake 1951:

Mia Zapata (The Gits)


Mia Zapata

Born: August 25, 1965 Louisville, Ky

Died: July 7/8, 1993 Seattle, WA

The Gits formed in Ohio in 1986 and relocated to Seattle in 1990

Mia Zapata – Lead Vocal

Joe Spleen aka Andy Kessler – Guitar

Matt Dresdner – Bass

Steve Moriarty – Drums


Albums[edit source]

Reissued on Broken Rekids, 2003
Reissued on Broken Rekids, 2003

Singles/Eps[edit source]

  • Precious Blood b/w “Seaweed” and “Kings & Queens” (Big Flaming Ego Records), (1990).
  • Second Skin b/w “Social Love” (Broken Rekids), (1991).
  • Spear And Magic Helmet b/w “While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing” (Empty Records), (1991).

Compilation/soundtrack contributions[edit source]

  • “Here’s to Your Fuck” and “Ain’t Got No Right” on Bobbing For Pavement: The Rathouse Compilation (Rathouse/Broken Rekids), (1991).
  • “Drinking Song” on Power Flush: San Francisco, Seattle & You (Broken Rekids), (1993).
  • “Guilt Within Your Head” and “Social Love (Live)” on Home Alive: The Art Of Self-Defense (Epic Records), (1996).
  • “Second Skin (Live)” on Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack, (Sub Pop Records), (1996).
  • “Another Shot of Whiskey” on Wild and Wooly: The Northwest Rock Collection (Experience Music Project/Sub Pop Records), (2000).
  • “Whirlwind” on Girls Kick Ass (Vitaminepillen), (2001).
  • “Absynthe” on Whatever: The 90’s Pop & Culture Box (Rhino/WEA), (2005).
  • “Another Shot of Whiskey” on Sleepless In Seattle: The Birth of Grunge (LiveWire Recordings, 2006).


The Gits Video Page:

The Gits Movie Page:



It Doesn’t Matter, Cut My Skin Makes Me Human 1989:

Precious Blood 1990 OK Hotel, Seattle:

Slaughter of Bruce 1991 OK Hotel:

Another Shot of Whiskey, Absynthe, Insecurities, While You’re Twisting, Im Still Breathing 1992 Bongo Corral Show:

7 Year Bitch on Mia & Here’s to Your Fuck 1993, Second Skin from HYPE!,

RCNDY, Seattle

Absynthe @ The Covered Wagon, Sa Francisco 1993

Twisting, Breathing, Social Love, Insecurities, Seaweed @ The Weathered Wall 1993:

Live @ the Jabberjaw in LA 6/23/93 (Entire Last Show?)

Setlist of the night: Slaughter of Bruce / Insecurities / While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing / Seaweed / Beauty of the Rose / Absynthe / Whirlwind / Guilt Within Your Head / New Fast One / Sign of the Crab / Daily Bread / Bob (Cousin O.) / Second Skin

Evil Stig (The Gits w Joan Jett), The Drinking Song, Spear and Magic Helmet:

La Luna Portland,1995:



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Second Skin 1992:

Graveyard Blues  (Actually a cover of Bessie Smith’s Blue Spirit Blues) Live 1988

A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke Cover….duh) 1993:

Eleven 1988:

It All Dies Anyway 1992:

Seaweed (subtitulado) 1992:

Look Right Through Me 1988:

Ain’t Got No Right 1992:

Precious Blood 1993:

X-Ray Cafe Live, Portland June 1993

“While You’re Twisting, I’m Still Breathing” – 2:38
“Insecurities” – 1:48
“Slaughter Of Bruce” – 3:14
“Absynthe” – 3:04
“Another Shot Of Whiskey” – 2:40
“Wingo Lamo” – 2:19
“Here’s To Your Fuck” – 1:50
“Second Skin” – 3:13:

Wingo Lamo 1992:

It Doesn’t Matter 1988:


7 Year Bitch – M.I.A. 1993:

School of Rock Covers Second Skin 2010:

Home Alive Promo Video:


Girouard, M. O. N., & Sarah Lawrence College. (2009). Heavy Angel: Mia Zapata: Exploring the living memory of a Seattle legend.

Mia zapata. (2013). S.l.: Book On Demand Ltd.

Social Love I Lyrics:

Well I don’t need your social love, no
I feel misread enough
And what repels me
Is the fact that you’re smiling
Walking on by, walking on by
Yeah when it hits me
See it still gets kinda heavy
Yeah when it’s laying there over
It’s wide open and read

I don’t need your social crap
You head iron sleep boys
I can see, what repels me
Is your pretentious stare
You never look me in the eye
Or feel the truth
Yeah when it hits me
I see you still gets kinda heavy
Yeah when it’s laying there over
It’s wide open and read

I don’t need your social love
I already feel misread enough
And what repels me
Is the fact that you smile
When you’re walking all back
There’s a connection to be made
It’s something you always crave
And now that it’s over
Hell, I’d set that fire that you know you like
And now when it hits me
See it still gets kinda heavy
Yeah when it’s laying there over
It’s wide open and read
How dare you?